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    Dwarf housing - doom & gloom?

    (I feel I can guess at the answer to this question, but I gotta ask...)

    So, I'm in the market for a house, and at a pure game level am attracted by the placement of the Dwarf homesteads (convenient to both a major Stable and all the T's Hall facilities). Have a half-dozen alts, only 1 is a Hunter, so Swift Travel is my friend.

    But I gotta say, at an emotional level, while wandering the Dwarven homesteads I felt like I was going to see the letters "A.S." carved on the walls. I know "underground' is what they were going for but... is there any way to brighten the mood? If not outside, then at least inside?

    Can white paint and white marble floors (or something?) keep a deluxe Dwarven house from looking like a nice corner cell in the Bastille? (And is there any way to provide a bit more light in the front yard?)

    (And for those who either have purchased there or elsewhere - do you regret the mood of the dwarven homesteads or the lack of convenience elsewhere? I'd like to hear from experience, thx!)

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    My first house was in TG for the convenience, but after a while I got sick of the gloominess of living underground so I upgraded to a deluxe house in Michel Delving. Much happier with it. Now I look forward to going home. At higher levels with a few ports on your character you don't miss the convenience because you can access facilities in eg. Galtrev. My low-level tailor and jeweller have to be parked at Esteldin but that's a minor incinvenience.

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    I like my Dwarven house. There is an area in the Dwarven housing zone that's open to the sky, so I bought a house on a hill there and have been very happy with it. I feel like the Dwarven area has the most unique house locations, and I like the layout of the interiors, too.

    I decorated the inside with mostly Elven themes and gave it nice music. It feels very warm and comforting against the snowy outside.

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    Well, one post for each side of the flipping coin - but thanks for putting voice to those two sides. (Good point about the sky in TG - not as bad as other addresses.)

    As I said in my first line, I guess it comes down to a 'ymmv' issue - will have to check my mileage again.

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    Get some pink and yellow wall colors and your inside will get a lot brighter.

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    I rather like dwarven housing - for kinships. Yet, I bought a hobbit hole as a personal house for my (dwarven!) character and decorate it in dwarven way. Dwarven epical thematic combined with more warm style of hobbits, ayeep!
    "'Nonetheless they will have need of wood', said Aulë and he went on with his smith-work."

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    When I first stepped into that place, I couldn't agree more... I couldn't wait to get out so I didn't explore further but maybe i'll look into that spot Nuelenion mentioned.

    I still have yet to buy a house because I don't see enough reward yet in buying one. I just don't need the extra storage at the moment (at lvl 35) and the standard house is far less appealing then the deluxe one.

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    I have dwarf houses on Crickhollow and Imladris, but a manly house on Dwarrowdelf (go figure).

    I have to admit that trudging down to the vault isn't pretty, and the two dwarves just don't stop talking about the statue. On the other hand I like to keep a crafting bot alt (typically for turning hides into leather, but he might also take up farming). While you can give an (different account) alt all the freedoms possible, they don't get the "teleport home" option (nor can they use the mailbox). It is a long walk from the Bree crafting hall to the homestead (even if you can rent a horse between Bree and the homestead office and teleport to Bree).

    If I replace it with a Deluxe house, it will be a dwarf house. Although I might look at elf houses and hobbit holes first.



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