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    -=- Unbroken Fellowship -=- Now Open On Gladden

    Hello! Have you been looking for a kinship that fits you? Do you enjoy the whole game as far as crafting, questing, socializing and causal raiding? Do you want players to level up with and help you along your journey through Middle-Earth? Well Unbroken Fellowship a new kinship would love to have you!

    About Us: It all stated in our first guild three years ago Kindred of The Inner Flame where we all first meet with the same goals. Coming back to the game we all learned our Kinship had been disbanded. As we started to return to the game, we found out how many missed what KiF had. Though we may have been spread through out the server we still all missed what we had from our old guild. Once we gathered back the orginal group we became Unbroken Fellowship. We total twelve players not including alts from our old Kinship. We have many crafters at maxed tiers in every craft. We are helpful, experienced and most of all welcoming. We are looking for players new or old alike that want to be in a medium size kinship, to help and recieve help but also are looking for good friends along the way.

    1.) We take the game at our pace while enjoying the stroyline and lore of LOTRO.
    2.) We do Instances, Raids or Skirmishes to get gear for ourselves or others.
    3.) We craft and help others with needed materials when we can.
    4.) We still do low-level instances with our alts at all diffrent levels.
    5.) We run group virtue hunts. This is where we help each other with getting virtue traits.
    6.) We have social activities (Spar Matches, Hunts and Races) in kinship.
    7.) We lightly PvP.
    8.) We have a no pressure atmosphere. Learn how to get better with us. Its ok we can revive!
    9.) We have vent server. (not required to have)
    10.) We are EST timezone.

    Goals: We plan on being medium size, which is around 25-30 active players not including alts. This keeps the Kinship small enough to manage but big enough to find help. We will raid 2-3 times a month depending on the interest. Raid times are based on peek player hours. This could be a raid from level 50-80 depending on the Kinship. Instances are ran with just a message in kin chat. Social events are held about every two months and around festival times. We do not desire to power level just to get to max level first but we rather you take the game at a good pace. We PvP when we have enough interest in kinship. Many of us are Rank 5 or above. Lastly we strive to maintain unbroken through thick and thin.

    We are openly recruiting all classes and levels. Core group consists of players mostly level 40-75. Just send a message or mail in game to one of the officers listed below. You can also comment on this thread or send a mail in forums and we will get back with you soon.

    Jerichir-Lore Master
    Brewner- Hunter

    As we continue to move through Middle-Earth we hope you choose to join us so you to can enjoy the game like we have over the years.

    “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
    ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
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    Update: We are still recruiting. Unbroken Fellowship is still in need of a few healers, DPS and Support Characters. Please visit the site to view application and recruitment status.


    We are still leveling up together between level 65-85. We also have a lot of low level new ones and 50+ toons into Moria.
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    Running New Characters Level 5-85

    Running New Characters Level 5-85

    We have many still working on Rohan. Getting to 85 with main characters is the goal but we also have a few new ones starting from scratch. With no new instances yet on Rohan some have opted to begin a fresh character. We are going from start going to finish. We will be doing the Epic Story Line together as a fellowship as well as the instances along the way. So if you are new and looking to start with a group hope you join us. Right now we have in our little starter group...

    Rune Keeper
    All under level 20 as of 11/5/12

    There are several of us that are starting new characters. So we are looking for more lower level toons to work with. We will do Instances as close to level as we can for full challenge. GA, Fornost, CD, URU, Moria, Mirkwood, So on...

    We will be having weekly level goals starting with Week 1 Reach 20, Week 2 25, Week 3 30, Week 4 35, Week 5 40 Then after that we may decide to slow down the levels to only 2 a week or so. We are not looking for power levelers but would rather have people who take it at a good pace enjoying the content. Probably get together one night a week to do instances.

    We are also still recruiting high level experienced characters as well for end-game content, PvP or Instances so please check the site out and apply or see a officer in-game if interested.

    We are not a hardcore Kinship nor fast paced. As above we enjoy the game with each other. Ideally people that are 18+ Mature Minded, Easygoing, Play Evenings 6PM Later, Enjoy Crafting and Grouping tend to like the Kinship. We like to raid but are not so much focused on the loot as we are the experience and story. Typically we stay away from raids that take hours on hours to complete finding that 4 hour raids get monotonous. Not everyone is for us but if you are looking for a casual , friendly, mature and no drama atmosphere please give us a try!

    Your Friend


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    Thanksgiving Break = Level 85

    Are you looking to come back and try Rohan maybe get to 85? Well we can be your company! Unbroken Fellowship on Gladden is still recruiting Healers/Support and DPS classes. Always a handful of us on. Small enough to know each other but big enough to conquer what LOTRO has to offer. Kinship is helpful and friendly. Will be running Warbands and Group instances this week. Give us a try no pressure no drama atmosphere.

    Check our site to sign up or ask questions.


    Or message a officer in game.

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