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    Smile Pictures of Thunder Ride & Music Event - Oct 27, 2012

    Hail Free Peoples of Arkenstone! Please scroll down after the pictures to see the list of names and my note of thanks.

    The Pony Express Band

    The beginning of the concert...people are starting to arrive....

    On a rock in Bree! The Pony Express Band.

    What a wonderful turnout for the Thunder Ride and Music Festival!

    My bandmates and I, plus several horseback riders met at Brandywine Bridge and galloped like thunder into Bree. I want to send a thank you to those who galloped with us towards the Prancing Pony. I sincerely can not remember your names, so please send me a message on this forum. I would like to acknowledge who was there in attendance to help make this event a success!!

    I want to say my sincerest thanks to the following individuals who participated as band members, cheer leaders, supporters, managers, and friends. You guys made this whole thing work and it has become one of Arkenstone's most historical moments. I could not have done this without all of you.

    Bolrack --- my first band member recruit. You rocked! And you rocked that haircut, mate!! Thank you for your commitment and positive attitude! You've got a work ethic that just won't quit! I think I owe you a new outfit! haha! But then again, you stole all of mine! j/k

    Anenas --- It started with a flute...and ended with a pibgorn. I shake my head in amazement....hahha. Anenas, you have been the behind-the-scenes musician...and I really wish you'd join our band because you're perfect for it. You genuinely have fun playing any instrument, and Bree wouldn't be the same without your presence there. Rock on, my friend! Love those red pants too!!! And the cool blue minstrel ring. Works every time!

    Ethwald --- the composer of our band. He also introduced some amazing Finnish music that I absolutely fell in love with! Not only that, but he's super calm and patient and organized!! Folks, this guy woke up early at 3:00 a.m. in the morning just to attend the practices and concert due to the time differences...and....I shake my head in amazement and gratitude. Thank you, Eth! I owe ya a beer!! Or a fresh pot of coffee!!!

    Amalasan --- my newest band member recruit....and the day before the concert too! haha! Amal, I am truly appreciative of your offer to help us out. We couldn't be complete without you, mate You saved the day, quite honestly.

    Jhacob --- a real life musician and composer...and someone who loves to contribute ideas. I want to say thanks for being positive when things became a little unsure (like whether we'd even be playing this concert!). You are solid as a rock, and unfailingly supportive. You rock, kiddo!

    PrettyMe --- Girlfriend, what can I say that I haven't told you already? You're the best. I appreciate your earnest and loving support. You were front row centre at the concert, and I was proud to have you there. You're like a beacon of sunlight, seriously!!! Love ya, sweetheart!

    ShutupJuice --- ShutUp, you are absolutely awesome. You were our fireworks man, and The Pony Express' first fan. You were there when we created the band, and you were there when we started and ended the concert. Thank you for those firework displays and support. Love ya!

    Tirenor & Geirahod --- you guys are like my After-the-Party party band. I seriously appreciate the genuine kindness and support from you two. You threw me a mini-concert outside Bree, and I was just sooo happy to be the listener, and not the musician. It made my day...and I'll never forget that kind gesture. You guys are too awesome!!! I owe ya a song or two...or three? haha! Why don't I just give you my lute and you guys can play the songs? j/k

    Talwolf --- Manager of the band. Never had a manager before, but wow....cool to have one now. Thanks Tal...for your support, and encouragement. It means a lot. You've got our backs...and I fully trust that. Cheers, my friend!

    Supnicko' --- I remember you were our loudest cheerleader next to ShutUpJuice...at our impromptu concert when we first formed a band. Your enthusiasm is absolutely unforgettable. I remember you jumping around, and announcing the concerts to regional chat. It was amazing. You've got spunk and spirit, little dude. I love that!! Thank you for those memories!!!!

    And a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL of you that attended. And those whom I can't remember, please send me a private message on this forum, and I will add you to this list of great people in Arkenstone. You guys represent this server, and I am proud to stand amongst you all.

    Hugs and Kisses from,
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