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    Where are all the putrid fingernails?

    Doing my class quest lvl 50's - got everything no big deal but I've killed about 40 wights (archers, ironbound slaves, EVERYTHING) in Imlad Chorith and I've gotten a grand total of ZERO fingernails.

    I even killed an elite ghost and nothing - What am I doing wrong?

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    I could be wrong, but I think they are only dropped by those creeping arms.

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    try killing the creeping arm things. That's where I got all mine for my hunter. If you are on Brandywine I can send you some since I hoard everything.
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    I cannot recall if any of the wights drop them or only the creeping arms. However the creeping arms definitely drop putrid fingernails far more often than any other target. Since creeping arms spawn at the same locations as wights, it doesn't hurt to take them out as well. Particularly if you've got the Deed to complete. The area just beyond the gates, where the valley opens up a bit and the road bends, is reasonable spawning territory. Head westward if you like to be chum, I mean, challenged.

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    I have no hunter that high of a level yet, but have you tried the skirm vendors (curiosities iirc)? I know many folks say there are better things to spend marks on... but it's an option. Better than AH imo... way too costly there.

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    At ease
    This is from the lotro wiki acknowledged in the above post:

    Drop Information This items drops off of the following:

    Crawling arms of fell wights in Imlad Balchorth, Nan Gurth, and Carn Dûm.
    Creeping Hand in Skorgrím's Tomb.
    Decaying Hand in Imlad Balchorth.
    Easiest from the wights in Imlad Balchorth. There is a path behind Mor Maudhul [3.1N, 27.7W] or continue north and take the left path after the bridge.

    Edit to add you can also get them at a skirmish camp.
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    Thanks everyone! Thanks!

    I never even thought about the silly arms! Where would fingernails come from? ARMS! I went back, after 7 kills I had my 5 - thanks again all who posted!



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