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    Thumbs up I think it's about time I find a kin.

    Seriously, I've been here for like, 2 months, and I think I'm staying here. So, I need to find somewhere to settle down.

    I'm interested in:
    • End-game raiding. I used to be a pretty active raiding LM on Imladris, and I'm currently building my LM. (as in, yes, I have a capped minstrel, but I'm not going to heal unless you really beg). I haven't signed up for any of the big raiding kins, because I'm now, in addition to school (which is a nonissue when it comes to raiding hours), I also have to take care of my grandmother, which means I might have to jump up at any time and go help her for 20+ minutes, or take her to the ER. Also, a lot of the raiding guilds around here like to get started at 7 EST, and since I'm on the West Coast of the US, that's a little on the early side for me. (My groove hours are 9 PM - 2 AM PST [-8])

    • Power leveling / Power Crafting. Not in a bad/illegal way, but I tend to like to get my toons to cap within a month or less. There will also be times when I power craft, where I sit down and go from nil to Eastemnet Master in one sitting. Seriously. When I discovered Doctor Who, I leveled 2 farmers to Westfold Master, while watching.
    If you're a respectable kin, I will attempt to curb my sass mouth and grammar nazi ways in GLFF. If you don't pride yourself on being respectable, so much the better

    So, reply here, or get to me in game.

    Imogæn -- 85 LM
    Illyse -- 84 Minstrel (as of posting)

    Next toons to level:
    Illysea -- RK
    Innogæn -- Capt.
    Adhele -- Guard
    Ilyssa -- Champ

    Other trash alts:
    Imolyne -- Burg
    Illumise -- Hunter
    Imolatia -- LM
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    Caralie Carlin of Arkenstone
    "There is suffering in the light; in excess, it burns. Flame is hostile to the wing.
    To burn and yet to fly, that is the miracle of genius." -- Victor Hugo



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