I am the leader of Rohan Warriors, a new kin i created on crickhollow, it is a family friendly kin,i'd like to keep things pg 13 and the most, along with perhaps deeding nights, crafting events, and also running skirmish and instances nightly, to help build up to eventually raiding, it will not be hardcore raiding to where you get yelled at for doing something wrong, i just want to create a friendly fun kin for everyone to join,no matter if you are F2P, Premium, Or VIP, there is a place here for everyone to enjoy, i would really love to find people to become Class Leaders and show our kin mates how to say use a burglar, or how to trait up a hunter for skirms.

i plan on doing more with the kin and have looked into a few voice chat servers, not sure what will be used yet, but am more then happy to hear suggestions from kin mates on what is the best one to use.

Thanks for reading, if you are intrested in this send a in game tell to Cenila or a mail in game and i will respond as soon as i can.

We at Rohan Warriors Look forward to having a good time in middle earth.

p.s dont feed the angry hungry hobbits,you will lose a finger

trust me i know