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    Unhappy Rohan Quest: "Awake at long last" bug?

    In the quest "Awake at long last" at the very end of the quest. the ent sends me out of fangorn looking for "Leofmar", I come to the "Entwash fishing camp where im suppose to get my reward from Leofmar but he isnt there, please fix my problem, ty

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    What I ESPECIALLY like, is while turning in this bug report....Im lagging, causing my typing to NOT be kept up with. So, Im turning this in TWICE in a way....

    I'm sorry that the games lag can't keep up with us 100 words a min typers....but....It's rather annoying.

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    Same problem, can see the quest ring on the map and mini map but the guy isnt there!

    (I use a ATI card maybe those with Nvidia cars can see him?)
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    Same problem here. Did an ingame-report and GM said it is a known bug they're working on. Just keep the quest and some day this guy will turn up.


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    Awake at long last

    (I use a ATI card maybe those with Nvidia cars can see him?)

    Nope: Nvidia 670gtx (dual in sli mode) in 3d; gold ring: No NPC to turn in. Turned in bug report: "Vilya is working as intended" (That was a Joke, they have not responded). Hopefully, it will be resolved in a coming fix.

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    I just did this quest, and its broken.. did a search and found this thread.

    Why wasnt it fixed in the update?

    in game help said to :

    It's not the quest. per se. It's the phasing of the NPCs and how they interact with PCs. If you cannot see an NPC the following procedure may work. Get as close to the NPC, using the minimap, as possible. The usual distances for workable interaction still apply (which means you need to be close). Target that NPC's ring in the minimap and when you have that NPC targeted press the "U" key to interact with the character. Be advised that you need to be close to the NPC for this to work and you need to have your pre-requisites fulfilled as usual, and this has not worked for every player. Otherwise, submit a bug report.

    In my book its the game.. I was able to do the above with that npc in loth that was like that. But am unable to do it now, and im system hasnt changed at all.
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    I'm having the same issue. This is my second toon and I had no problems with my first.

    I tried to target Leofmar using the mini map radar but it won't let me target anybody in this camp using this method. Guess I'll have to wait for the next update!?




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