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    Any campfires to cook on in Rohan?

    Yes I know I could make my own but I don't have any form of wood collector/crafter and haven't looked into the methods. It would be nice if they planted a perma-campfire somewhere.
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    There aren't any. Remember when Sam and Gollum had to return to the Shire in order to make a pot of rabbit and taters? Me neither.

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    This makes me very very sad, and a might angry. This screenshot was taken a few minutes ago in Eaworth. There are four superior ovens inside the mead hall. Then, outside, there is this huge campfire, but...

    Why is this not a campfire for cooking trail food!? Come on! It's clearly a campfire, not an oven. How is this not a cook's campfire? Seriously?
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    there is a campfire next to the superior over all you need to do is hit your
    /port to galtrev skill first

    and I agree its real sad that in SB crafthall you can make and do ANYTHING except campfire... sad oversight... and dont hand me any lore &&&&... sometimes u gotta remember this is a game...

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    I have been all over Rohan

    Not a single Campfire anywhere
    Plenty of CampSITES

    Even, as posted above, a CAMPFIRE labelled a Superior Oven

    You mean to tell us explorers that the mighty horse lords of Rohan would ALWAYS ride home for Dinner or Tea

    "It's a 3day journey to the battle"
    "What about food, where are we gonna cook"
    "Don't worry we'll be home for Tea, and set off again after eating"

    And for those that want to cry about Lore .... I have 2 words for you .... Rune Keeper
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    Because I mainly cook for myself not profit, I am making the new campfire and using that as it gives a +8% crit chance. Have to keep putting it down but not too bad for small quantities (can't remember amount of trail food one fire supports). Even not being a forrester you get enough drops to support it, 2 logs of oak wood and kindling from a cook/supplier. I light them up next to the superior stove as anyone else cooking nearby also gets the benefit of the + to crit.
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    Campfire Turbine laziness

    Cooking is already the most time consuming and expensive craft. More ingredients and mat levels than any of the other crafts. I know as I have seven toons so I have all crafts. I cook for them, not for the AH. The idea that I have to spend more time making and putting down repeated campfires since you only get about 10 items per fire, is insane. As expensive as it is, you save time going back to campfires in other zones.

    The "logic", and it does belong in quotes, of not creating easier to find cooking campfires does not make for a pleasant experience. And yet they wonder why many of us have gone from subscription to f2p.

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    A small improvement

    With update 9, they are finally adding a campfire in Harwick. Its sad that the numerous fires with cooking pots hanging on them found all around Rohan still don't count as campfires.

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    Just in case people haven't seen it, I thought I'd post this here: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...23#post6560323

    Update: Spoke to Ayvan (Crafting God) and she agreed to start looking into allowing Oven's to grant the ability to cook recipes that require a campfire. I'll keep you updated on the implementation (this will be for U10). If all works out your Oven's will now also act a campfires!

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    The "oven" in Harwick crafting hall worked as a campfire for me yesterday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bizzielizzie View Post
    The "oven" in Harwick crafting hall worked as a campfire for me yesterday
    Someone must have build a campfire next to it. Its not there by default.

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    No need for campfires any longer, see also:




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