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    Looking for a good kinship

    As the title says, lookin for a good kinship. Been asked, but I'm vip and alot of what I do and where I go, there aren't alot of people. Things are starting to get tough 'round lvl 40, I've grouped through the Barrow-Downs and had fun as a RK healer, kinda wantin to have a few more go's healin in fellowships. Kinship seems the best way at that. Either message me through here, or in-game via mail/pm to Thoghar.

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    Check out The Dark Legion, Thoghar. You'll find an abundance of people in all level ranges. Cheers!

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    Hail Thoghar!

    Swords of Light is a mature and friendly kinship, always looking for new members. We are always willing to help our members in whatever they need. We have members at all levels, as well as a sizable stable of alts . You can check out our Kinship Code as well as our recruitment thread here;


    If you are interested in Swords of Light or would like more info, talk to any one of our members.

    Hail, and see you in game!
    Officer, Swords of Light- Crickhollow
    Breglagor- R6 Champion | Bandros- R7 Burglar
    Field Master, Swords of Darkness- Crickhollow
    Haslug- R7 Warleader | Fathalleb- R7 Weaver



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