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    Smile Scions of Nogrod (Dwarf-only light RP kin)

    Scions of Nogrod - Many years, two whole Ages of the world, have passed since the decline of Nogrod, but the world is again in dire straits, and the Scions of Nogrod the great shall rise to the occassion! We are entirely dedicated to the cause, so much so that we are willing to overlook the ancient treachery of the Elves and ally ourselves with them against the Shadow that rises in the East. The Scions of Nogrod is a Dwarf-only kinship. We look for mature, courteous, and helpfull Dwarves. Light RP allowed. Tolkien lorists are doubly welcome!


    Why Dwarves-only?
    They are a special interest of mine, in that my first character I created was a Dwarf. Furthermore, there are few Dwarven kinships I would call successful. So I figured I’d give it a shot. I know this represents a major challenge as far as raids go. That is also part of the appeal.

    Will you allow non-dwarves to participate in the raid as long as the player has a dwarven character in Scions of Nogrod?
    Absolutely not. Not even for quick buffs before we enter. We will make do with what we’ve got.

    I don’t like to roleplay. When will you be ready to raid and do endgame stuff?
    Hard to say. Getting a raiding kinship together from scratch after a game’s been long established isn’t an easy feat. Recruiting enough folks is time-consuming, not to mention getting each characters' gear to an adequate level. We won’t hit the big raids at the start. Instead we will begin with the old ones and work our way up; establishing our strategies, loot policies, and sharpening our skills along the way.

    It’s definitely a work-in-progress and you’re free to PM me about it further if you’d like.

    What are your goals?
    To successfully roleplay and raid both PvMP and PvE. Success is to the eye of the beholder, so let me clarify: We want to beat the endgame instances and fight creeps at such a level that we are able to roleplay equally as strong while doing it.

    Will you always roleplay while doing instances? I don’t like that.
    Not at all. Those will be considered special events I plan to host periodically.

    How do you expect to beat such-and-such without Captains, Wardens, Burglars, or Loremasters?
    By utilizing what strengths we have and minimizing our weaknesses. Of course it will be more challenging: those places were designed with the intent of using every class available. Is it impossible, though? I don’t think so. If you do, then this may not be the right kinship for you.

    I want to solely raid with you guys as a Dwarf. I know you won't be raiding right away, but what can I do in the meantime if I join your kinship now?
    You can always join for friendship and making a place for yourself. At the start we will need positions for all sorts of different things; I can’t run this kinship by myself. Being a founder can give you the edge over others with promotions and roles.

    contact: Send an ingame mail to Konigstiger or contact me on skype (og.loc64) or yahoo (roll.and_92@yahoo.com)

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    Are you still recruiting for a all Dwarf Kin?



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