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    Guide to reduce sillyness of War-steeds movement

    If you don't want to read it all, just read RED texts, it covers everything. Lazy...

    As you might notice, the warsteeds are... hard to control, actually really hard at the beggining, but it's only at the beggining, these are a few steps i did follow in beta to make the horse is easier to control, and in live my horse it's so perfect that it almost matches the normal horses.

    To make you understand the example, a horse is like a LI, a third age with no relics and level 1 is... a really bad weapon. But a level 70 LI with all relics and legacies... hey, there you might have a really good weapon.
    Basically the war-steeds handle the same system, your level 1 horse is freaking hard to control, but your level 20 horse with traits and stats is way easier.

    1: To learn how to use a war-steed, you want a Light one, it haves better response.
    - Press Shift + M.
    - Go to Traits tab.
    - At the top you will see a label that says Medium, change it to Light.

    2: Trait yellow to reduce movement penalties.
    The traits lines are Red for DPS, Blue for Survability, Yellow for movement. Most people trait Red or Blue at the beggining because that fits them, that's a BIG misstake, you are learning how to control your horse, trait yellow!. Traiting yellow in a horse is really useful, you can make that the circle if you are spinning around an enemy becomes just half circle, all that happen because yellow trait line increase Agility, speed, turn rate, response from your keyboard and such.
    - Trait 5 Points of agility.
    - Trait full yellow, all points in yellow, no exceptions.
    Later on, weeks from now, if you already do pretty nice with your horse, you can consider to go Red or Blue.

    3: Your horse must level up, at the beggining you got a level 1 horse, you can't spend trait points on anything good yet, don't worry, just do quest (Unmounted quest also give the horse experience) and level your horse, at about level 18 you are probably able to Trait your horse with 5 Agility and full yellow traits.
    - Level up your horse before you hate it.
    The difference can be as big as the difference from a new LI weapon and a end-game raiding top legacied and relics slotted LI weapon. BIG difference, but this time it improves horse movement.

    4: Your bridle, you really want to use your bridle to maximize the 3 points above, the bridle is a LI item that not only will increase skills damage, it can also increase yellow trait skills or other stats (My bridle haves +66 war-steed agility ).
    - Use legacies that fits your trait line in your bridle.

    5: Now some info that is not documented but it's really useful.
    - Go to options, Combat options, enable Auto-Slowdown on war-steeds.
    That will work to make you stop running if you are not pressing any key so the horse won't be running forever like a stupid horse. It will slow movement until stop when you stop pressing W key for movement.

    6: Stopping can be problematic, but i sorted this out really really easy, the only thing you need to do to stop near an NPC or whenever you want to change another direction is to Double Tap S. Double tap the key S will automatically force your horse to STOP in a second.
    - Double Tap S key to stop in a second, regardless of your speed.

    Good luck, and... remember,don't hate your war-steed until you are using all this 6 tips, you will find out your horse is 90% easier to control than before.
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