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    New healing or dps rk

    New to the server obviously but pro at rk. Im not a big fan of healing but im pretty good at it and know that rks have no business dpsing in a pve raid over hunts/champs/burgs...... pretty much the only reason i care about pve is for gear to pvp with ;D. but its always fun watching a boss go down with friends.

    to me this is first and foremost a game, but its also my escape from life. crack heads got crack, i got lotro.
    ill always make some jokes and sorry but ill never be that elitest guy.... mistakes and leoorrryyysss are half the fun sometimes.
    i do know when its serious time and to stop joking and just do my part though.

    I think the single most important (and annoying thing to not see on "raid ready" toons) are maxed virtues. idc how many alts you have and what class you are, i cant stand a wrd telling me to heal better when he has virtues at 6. iv already had half of mine to 16 before rohan was even released. and the ones i dont will be before i hit 85.

    Pretty much looking for a pve raiding kin that does a decent amount of pvp. going to be honest if your an elitest kin thats gna tell me every piece of gear to have and basicly make me your robot, i wont last long. like i said, this a game.

    reply in game on mail if you want me ;D and if i get multiple in the next few days il have the kin leaders/officers do a spar tourny those are always fun ;D

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    Good luck on your quest to find a kinship.
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