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    looking for this skin

    Hi, I was looking for the tutorials in the lorebook then I come across to this tutorial. She says she uses a custom skin, but doesn't say which skin from whom. I would like to know whose custom skin is this from the pictures, I wanna use too but I cant find it.


    Link to the tutorial.

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    This was easier to find that I thought. First of all there is just one site where you need to look for everything regardings skins, UIs and LUA stuff: www.lotrointerface.com

    The skin that you are looking for is the famous Azure Glass skin.

    But the screens that you saw in the tutorial link that you posted are from a very old Version of LOTRO … like around Mirkwood I guess. That means this skin like in the link you gave is not available for the new LOTRO.

    But you can be happy. There are a couple of guys out there that took the original Skin from Enfield of Landroval and updated it constantly. And there actually is a version for Riders of Rohan already. Go here and learn how to download, install and use it properly:


    (You will need to do a little reading in that post but it's really not so tough and you will get used to how it works pretty fast. And if not - lotrointerface.com is a kinda nice and helpful community. Just ask a question under the actual post and you will get help and replies.)



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