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    Quote Originally Posted by Krindus View Post
    This is the real shame. You're going to have all of your players riding around on identical looking horses because very few of us are going to buy those ridiculously priced dye packs.
    Very sad to think about. I think I'll grab all my friends and kinmates on E, make a video 'showing off' the new warsteeds, and comment on how pathetic it is they all look alike because TW/Turbine is greedy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Neen_Eldar View Post
    I was quite looking forward to customising my steed, but not with these prices

    · Make each colour 100tp & allow us to buy them individually.
    · Make all purchased colours available for all parts of the steed, apart from hide - i don't want to see any green horses.
    · Make these account wide

    Look at it this way 99% of people level 75+ will be using their steed, just think how many of those want to customise their mount but are put off by these prices.
    This is an excellent suggestion. In addition, make a 'mass pack' that includes ALL steed colors that is around 1000TP.

    And make a craftable & dyeable tack set (by Tailors). Include store only colors if you want to make some extra money, with a few dye colors for tack which Historians can craft.

    Then, and only then might I purchase steed colors.
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    /signed. What people are asking for in this thread (lower prices, account-wide pricing, craftability, selling single colors, etc.) -- nothing unreasonable. The current pricing system, however, is. Why would purple even logically come with olive, gold, and black? Steed of the Stealthy Purple Hunter, maybe? Caparison of the Purplewold? I know that we've already talked to a "prince" in the epics (Théodred), but that's not quite the same....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ElfCrew View Post
    /signed. What people are asking for in this thread (lower prices, account-wide pricing, craftability, selling single colors, etc.) -- nothing unreasonable. The current pricing system, however, is. Why would purple even logically come with olive, gold, and black? Steed of the Stealthy Purple Hunter, maybe? Caparison of the Purplewold? I know that we've already talked to a "prince" in the epics (Théodred), but that's not quite the same....
    The odd grouping of colors is most likely in order to force people to buy multiple packs if they prefer different shades of the same color. On their own, each dye pack individually doesn't have colors that work well together, but spread out over multiple...

    Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that I love the game, this sort of transparent greed would be enough that I would stop playing entirely. For now it's enough to say that I'm not bothering with TP outside of what I get from VIP and deeds.

    If everything was lowered across the board to a reasonable price, I'd probably bankrupt myself on the store, but as it stands, there's very little up there that's priced reasonably enough that I care to spend real money.

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    This thread is a lovely reminder at why I will never give Turbine any more of my money

    I will *not* buy Rohan nor pay it ridiculous prices for store addons. I'll leave my money with arenanet who actually seems to listen and makes me like like I'm not being ripped off. I never had problems dropping money into things that made me feel like I was getting my moneys worth but then Turbine added in their lovely little store and made it P2W and pricing new things way out of reason.. I still can't get over 20$ for a single character store horse before this new expansion rofl

    And now look at them roll.

    I will still come in and pop my head in game to look around but I'm done spending money on companies who seem to look down on its player base nor seem to interested in customer relations with its base. I've stuck with Turbine a long time in hopes that things will get better, but it isn't making me want to play and looking worse every day. If by chance Turbine somehow changes it around, I may be here again for them but they've currently lost *all* respect I've had for them. I still want them to succeed though....

    I still love playing music in game and I will credit them with that brilliant idea hehehe Its really the only thing at this point that keeps me around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by radspakr View Post
    It would be good to hear from a blue name to at least say they are considering our request.
    We've made our wishes known.
    So Turbine the ball is in your court now.

    We received the following:

    I've mentioned Sapience (LOTRO Community Manager) in a couple of tweets so we shall see if that gets ignored or if we get a response.

    If you're on twitter - please retweet this.
    The link directly to the tweet is: https://twitter.com/beriahim/status/259502974412414976

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    I'll sign, if only to get the colours account wide.

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    I put together a suggestion thread for an alternative means to learning Hide Colorings within the game itself using a mentoring system similar to instruments. Please read and comment.


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    Even account wide the pricing is too expensive but the fact that it's character only just makes it totally prohibitive

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    Honestly, I've never been the type to 'sign' petitions for anything, but I actually went out of my way to look for this one. After patrons spent somewhere between $30-60, or however much it was to buy RoR, it's absolutely outrageous for Turbine to except us to buy overpriced horse colors. Not to mention, why can't the regular dyes be used for horse cosmetics, as well? You'd think that would be a far more simple system to work with.

    I'm not even kidding, this is the only thing about the RoR expansion that has legitimately irritated me. Not even the warsteeds glitching on stairs and bridges is this annoying.
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    Someone from german community posted this thread in the german forum.
    I hope the costs for horse colours and cosmetic colours gonna cut down. Or make colours accountwide.
    Or let us choose the 4 colours we want.

    600 turbine points and 4 colours (and maybe one of them is the one i need) is too much.

    greetings from Germany

    Sorry for bad english, hope you understand it :-)

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    I haven't got my first steed yet but when I do it seems it will be in a dull grey colour in spite of the fact that I bought the class mounts. Unless the prices are lowered of course.

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    warsteed colors are much too expensive. They should be divided by 9 or 10 for single char use or by 3 for account wide use.
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    Not the type of person to complain, and... I'm not in Rohan yet. But when I am, I look forward to being able to both customize my war-steed AND continue to pay the electric bill in order to play it.

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    And now we wait...

    Well it seems that we have a large amount of replies now which are saying the same thing - these costs are overpriced, and that QuarterMasterL's justification for these being permanent unlocks PER CHARACTER (and therefore meriting the high cost) seems ludicrous. I think now we've got to the point where we need to wait for someone senior to note this case (I understand that Sapience and co are rather busy with the gaming marathon at the moment, and they are due great respect for that), and actually make a move to reduce the costs/make the purchases account-wide/allow us to make the dyes in-game/make each dye purchasable individually for a greatly reduced cost. This same form of protest worked for the preorder, when TP were added to the bundles, and so now, I ask Turbine to do what they claim to do best, and listen to their community - especially when (noting post numbers) there are some people here who have never complained about the game, but have become so incensed by this issue that they break their silence and /sign this petition.

    Thank you everyone for the support for this thread, and lets keep going with it until we see a good result!

    P.S. And by the way, my preferred way that this will end is with the dyes being craftable ingame, and only bought for the sake of convenience in the store - that is the same with normal dye, and so it should remain the case for our warsteeds. (Warband giftboxes would be an ideal additional location for these dyes for people with not much money/no crafting alts/no generous kinnies!)
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    I completely agree here, this price is insane, I'm sure someone made a mistake by adding an additional 0 on the end, because it makes no rational sense otherwise. Please do correct this soon.
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    /signed on making it account wide.

    I'm lucky, I've got some disposable income and a love for the game. In one of the double points sales last year I bought a ton of points and had a large "savings" built up. I freely admit I bought the black and white color packs, and a dye pack to get black gear. But that's where I'm cutting myself off. I had every plan of buying every hide and mane/tail color in the store. Not now. It's a bit too expensive. I can justify the price to myself it it was account wide, but not with the current pricing being per character. The irony is I have one character I play and 6 mules. Still, one day I might want to level up one or two of them and know that I won't have to buy them nice stuff I've already bought on my main. What brought it home to me was that each color pack cost about as much as buying a paperback copy of one volume of The Lord of the Rings. I just bought the whole trilogy, basically, but unlike the books, which are permanent unless destroyed by fire or flood, my horse colors will one day disappear when the servers shut down for good (hopefully a long, long time from now). And I was buying it "cheaper" than some other folks because I had bought points at a double point sale, who may be buying the points now to pay for this.

    I'd also take this one step farther - make the body types in the store account wide. Again, I'd buy them all under that method, but not now. Maybe in a few months when I've accrued more VIP points I'll get dapple skin and flea-bitten skins, but with the current prices being per character, I can't justify to myself getting the other ones.

    I love this game. I'm honored I was a beta tester. I will continue to support Turbine, buy points, and recommend this game to my friends (one is eagerly awaiting the mac client). However I am a bit disappointed in the prices, and it is having an impact on my buying more things in the store that I otherwise would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Othniel View Post

    This stuff is basically cosmetics for your war-steed. Player cosmetics are around 195-295 TP and are account-shared. I see absolutely no reason why war-steed cosmetics should not be similarly priced AND account-shared. Well, other than "soak the players."

    Edit: Additionally, dyes ought to be scholar-crafted material as well.
    The answer is simple really, Turbine is trying to screw us in every single monetary way they can possibly think of.

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    Thumbs up


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    For the same cost as 2 dye packs (real money wise) I could go to itunes and buy the RoR soundtrack. Which do you think justifies the $10 better? 8 colours for your horse or a fully realized, beautiful soundtrack that probably took months to compose.

    At 595 TP/4pack I will bye none, ever. At say 100 TP/4pack I would buy several.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuarterMasterL View Post
    The pricing for the war-steed dyes is based on the fact that they are not consumable items. You are purchasing the ability to permanently unlock the color options for your steeds on a particular character. So you will be able to switch your colors as often as you like on that character.
    Some considerations:
    - This is not an account feature, like the enhanced wallet (which I gladly paid).
    - To change the color of, say, 4 characters, we have to spend more than 2000TP. ONLY FOR THE COLOR.
    - If I want to fully customize, with gear and all, I have to spend more than 3000TP for each character. (4 characters would mean a cost of more than 12000TP, which is insane.)

    Maybe the dye system for the warsteed does not fit their customers. Simple as that. Or maybe we the potential buyers are wrong, maybe we have been abducted, brainwashed and convinced not to spend this amount of TP for just a dye and complain about that.

    There are two ways to manage that. One, to convince us that we are wrong, and make us spend this large amount of TP. Two, adapt the product to the needs of the customer. I have no doubt which one I'll choose: lower the prize or making it account wide. Any other thing would be unwise.


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    Thumbs up

    i concur

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    I wont ever buy at those ridiculous prices

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    I love the cosmetics for the horses, but man, to get mine even close to where I like it ended up taking 40$ worth of Turbine points.

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    Remember the player base

    Quote Originally Posted by Krindus View Post
    This is the real shame. You're going to have all of your players riding around on identical looking horses because very few of us are going to buy those ridiculously priced dye packs.

    There's no way I'm paying 500TP for four dye colors, of which I really only want to get one. Lower the price, make the packs account wide, or allow to us pick individual colors instead of a "pack". Choose any of those options and I will be much more likely to spend Turbine Points on them.
    I am in thorough agreement with many of the statements made on this thread. Turbine please remember your loyal Lotro players and make this a better situation. You do not encourage player participation by reaching constantly into our pockets. This game needs player support to continue.

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    Angry / Stupid

    / Signed

    OMG i paid the 600 TP for 4 colors then realized it was CHARACTER only &&& SO PISSED off.

    I am VIp for the last 5 years but ready to dump VIp for F2P and not pay anything


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