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    I payed the Legendary Edition and you want me to pay almost the same amount for EVERY SINGLE CHAR to have the
    option to tinker around with every colour for the horse and its equipment?

    Colours in the shop should be OPTIONAL like they are for the normal colours too.

    I just came back in august of this year after a long break, was speeding up my progress a little with the shop to have 2 75er chars when rohan came up.
    If Turbine start this kind of price-policy, the only money they get from me til now is the VIP-Payment, if any after i got my mainchar through rohan.

    If the colours aren´t account wide this is simple an insolence.
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    A good point has just been made on Evernight's GlobalLFF channel - wasn't one of the features of the expansion that was advertised (AND THAT WE ALL PAID FOR) was 'customize your warsteed'? Surely the colours are an essential part of that, otherwise its false advertising...
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    /signed signed signed!

    The price of the dyes is insanity and only available in the store? I'm sad my Scholar can't craft dye(why!?)

    If i were to use my monthly TP to get my toons the 11 dye packs in the store this will take me 6 years!
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    Well, first off, I am glad that I am not alone in the thinking that these prices are too high. Thank you all for supporting me on this.

    Secondly, I wish to tell Turbine, I have spent well over $1000 in the past year on LOTRO. I am VIP at the moment, but there has been times when I haven't been VIP that I will go out and spend over $100 on Turbine Point cards just to buy things that I want for the game. I have paid to unlock all 5 bag slots, and every single region, so that if I don't keep my VIP, I can still quest in all those areas. I have 8 character slots without the 2 that VIP unlocks, and I'm planning on buying a 9th when my VIP 500 comes in. I pre-purchased Riders of Rohan Legendary Edition within 2 weeks of it being made available for pre-purchase. I have been a very dedicated player since I started playing. And now you guys have throughly disappointed me in this issue. Turbine's slogan is "Powered by our fans." I am starting to think that you guys should change it to "Give us all your money." Please, please prove me wrong, and listen to what all these fans are saying. Lower the prices, or make them account wide, or make them available through other means. I don't care which, but please fix this.

    Thank you all for your continued support, and thank you, Turbine for making such a wonderful expansion despite the horrible extortion of the war-steed dye color packs.
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    It is very upsetting that the ONLY way to dye your war steed is to buy the dyes with real life money from the Lotro Store. Up until this point I have not minded the store. I've understood it's necessity since Lotro went FTP and have taken advantage of some of what it offers. In my mind I have felt Turbine to be very fair with respect to how they use their store. These Warsteed dyes just seem greedy to me and I'm very disappointed. It's made me rethink using the Lotro Store at all.

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    In case I haven't made it clear - /signed.

    Customising my war-steed, both equipment wise and its look, was something I was really waiting for. I pre-purchased the legendary edition, forking out a lot of money for it, and now that the expansion came (and as said before in this thread) the main point of the expansion has been made non-available in-game! You're asking me to pay MORE money for something that should have already been included in-game...

    A sensible way to fix this would either:

    1. Keep the packs at the current price - but make them account wide and not only for one character. And at the same time make them drops from warbands... Wouldn't mind hunting down warbands just for the dye packs. :S


    2. Lower the prices of each packs to about 200TP. I wouldn't mind paying that much for each pack. That would be about 50TP for each colour in the 4-pack. ATM the prices are 595TP, which brings each colour at a 148-150TP each. Bit ridiculous isn't it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mar-Evayave View Post
    Though to be honest... scholars make our dyes, why not our steeds' dyes too?
    I have to admit I'm a little bit confused that my scholar can dye her leather armour but not her leather saddle.

    I am LOVING the plains of Rohan, but sad that my horse can't look her best.
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    The Elven Tailor approves this! It really is outrageous - I would think 100 or 150 tp is sufficient. People who pre-ordered the Legendary Edition should at least have gotten them for free!

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    This is the first time I am angry enough to come and complain about the game on this forum. I really love RoR, it is beautiful and immersive. It feels like Rohan and Turbine, you have done an amazing job with it.

    But. But what was it that passed through your mind when you decided to charge 595TP for a dye pack ??? Did you really think people would pay such a sum for this ? Well, obviously you did... I must admit I am really disappointed.

    Firstly, why make people buy 4 colors when most of them probably only want one of them in the pack ?
    Secondly, at this price I would at least expect to have access to these colors with all my characters. And even then it would be overpriced.
    Thirdly, why is there no possibility to get dyes or special coats or tails in game by quests or rare loot or craft ? How is it that VIPs or people who pre-ordered the expansion cannot have at least a free set of basic colors ?

    Cosmetics are one of the things that make Lotro special, and I have spent money in the store for steeds or clothing or little things that makes life easier in the game. But now I just feel like Turbine wants to rob me.

    There is NO way I will buy any of these dyes or other war-steed cosmetics at the current prices.

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    The more I think about this the more mad it makes me.

    I spent $70 for Rohan. I paid EXTRA for DIGITAL FLUFF because I want to support Turbine and the development of this game.

    Asking me to spend almost an extra $30 to get 3 color packs to make ONE characters warsteed how I want it is a blatant slap in the face.

    Supposing a player has a zero balance of TP, to get enough to buy 3 color packs (one hide, one hair, one gear) and per the prices on this page the player has to buy the $29 TP pack to get enough to cover the 1785 TP cost for the three packs.

    This is HORRIBLE. I've supported the store in the past. I've seen it as a great way for Turbine to continue bringing in revenue to keep developing a game I adore. But this is just an insult. I will not be converting any money into Turbine Points again until this is taken care of.

    The color packs SHOULD have been included in the price of the expansion, or at least as a base pre-order bonus.

    Since this can't be the case I will accept that they come at a Turbine point cost, but they must be marked down to a reasonable price before I will buy any. If you must keep the same costs, I would need to see each color available individually and usable account wide before I will reconsider.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuarterMasterL View Post
    The pricing for the war-steed dyes is based on the fact that they are not consumable items. You are purchasing the ability to permanently unlock the color options for your steeds on a particular character. So you will be able to switch your colors as often as you like on that character.
    ON THAT CHARACTER! 595 should be account wide! Im sorry, but for that price I wont be buying....Lower the price or make it account wide.. this is Un-acceptable!

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    Either make them account based or reduce the prices. And a possibility to choose which colors you want would also be nice.

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    Please, please lower the price for the colours, or make them available some other way.

    I was really looking forward to all the new cosmetic options the expansion would bring. Turns out, I have absolutely NO way of customizing my mount, except for that big black saddle....
    I am NOT buying any colour at all if they stay at this price, and not account-wide. It's just too much to spend on cosmetics, even if I love the cosmetic system!
    This is just stupid! Please put a reasonable price on the packs, at least. And if you feel like making us happy, give us one or two colours by default.

  15. /signed

    I created a different thread on the same matter.
    You can add all these people to the list.
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    I've already complained in the suggestions thread, but I'll add my voice here just in case. Whoever thought that this was reasonable pricing.. it boggles the mind. You folks at Turbine would likely make much more money if you lowered the costs, made these account wide or even better let people buy single colours.

    But no, you're attempting to gouge people. People who have never felt the need to come to the forums and complain are doing so for the first time. Turbine seems to be excellent at finding new lines to cross. :P

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    I feel totally ripped off

    I bought a color pack thinking it was account-wide. When I found it wasn't I was shocked and angry. I am fuming over this.

    Surely this is a mistake? You guys can't seriously be planning on keeping these prices. It might be different if the colors gave us variations in hide texture or pattern, but we're talking FLAT colors here!

    I have been a loyal player for nearly 5 years. I've spent SO MUCH money in the store, and whenever an expansion comes out, I always buy the legendary edition to support development. I am one of those fans you claim to be powered by. And I've watched all my LotRO friends move on to other games, and while I've been tempted many times to join them, I've stuck with LotRO.

    Let me make this argument for you and have done with it. IT IS CHEAPER FOR ME TO BUY GUILD WARS 2 and join all my lost friends in a new experience, than it is to CUSTOMIZE MY FREAKIN' WAR-STEEDS FOR MY CHARACTERS.

    It's up to you what you do about this, but you should know that disappointing your loyal fans has real consequences for the survivability of the game.

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    The prices are absurd, both for the dye packs and the mount tack. There's no reason other than a naked money grab that the dyes should be store-only AND that the tack should be so much more expensive than any player equivalent.

    Kudos on coding such a fun-looking system... but it's truly a pity that the components needed to use it are priced so stupidly that many of us will never bother to do much. I'll wait for more horse-costuming quest rewards to come along.
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    Agreed with other posters other posters on this one!

    Might I also suggest that perhaps considering making one or two dye packs free for your VIP subscribers.

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    I am a cosmetic freak and I will not pay that much for dyes for one character. I'd be better off buying more class mounts and getting more armour variety. I echo the sentiment, make them account wide or drop the price. You should have given them that price in beta we would have let you know that it was too high.

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    Just screams Turbine. Ever since f2p they've tried little ways to screw over their loyal player base. It's just a shame that an otherwise great xpansion is ruined by petty little atempts to extort money out of the people who are keeping this game afloat. Shame, damn shame.

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    I /signed earlier but just had a thought..

    These must be designer dyes. Ralph Lauren green, Gucci charcoal, D&G black.

    They just forgot the name brands. /bonk


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    I also added my two cents over on the "suggestions" forum. I was actually shocked when I saw the pricing. We may get permanent use out of the four colors in a color pack for one character, but the colors are all close in appearance. Going from dark gray to black doesn't make much of an impact. I am one of those that has many alts. So if I want a warsteed cosmetic set and horse color and cosmetic color I am spending over 2,000 TP PER CHARACTER! Ouch! The only two colors I am likely to use are white and black. I have to purchase 2 packs with 6 additional colors that I will likely never use.

    Some people may think this is a trivial issue. It is not. The main aspect of Rohan is the horses. Rohirrim dote on their horses. Colors, equipment, and appearance are very important. These are our valuable and cherished warsteeds. Each should reflect the personality of the horse and the rider. The desired effect cannot be achieved if we are barred from our creative personalization by overzealous pricing that does not cater to the average consumer. Making such purchases more economically realistic via making them account-wide or cheaper (be it by a per single color option or lowering the cost for packs) means more people can afford them and more people will purchase them. This means higher revenue. I would also like to see in game crafting options for horse cosmetics (Rohirrim Tailoring) and dye colors for them. Put the fancier cosmetics in the store, fine. But leave players with other options for appearance in the mean time. I don't think horse cosmetics colors should have been in the store in the first place. Dyeing is a scholars job and should have remained so.
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    Must have been a typo or something. There is no way people will pay that.

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    These prices are extremely outrageous for them not to even be account-wide. Even were they to be account-wide I would be dissatisfied with the cost they are currently at.


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