Let me start out by saying that I agree that cosmetics and fluff are what we should be seeing in the LOTRO Store. However, the price for the war steed colors, especially considering that it is PER CHARACTER and not account wide, is ridiculous.

I would understand gating some customization colors behind TP, but all of them? I would also understand them being in the store (and I guess the pricing would be more tolerable) if there were some way to craft or unlock them via gameplay. However, there is not. Either there should be ways to obtain these without TP, the color packs should be account wide, or the price should be lowered to a more reasonable amount.

I bought RoR a month and a half after release with accumulated TP, and it is frustrating to see basically no customization options included with that purchase. I cannot even imagine how frustrated I would feel had I paid $70 for the Legendary Edition. As it stands, I will not purchase any color packs. Plus, this makes me feel better about waiting a while and getting the expansion "free" with monthly TP accumulations. It is not like this is a game ruiner for me, it is just the principle that really bothers me. NO colors without TP.

They could not even give us one or two free color options? I am glad I am not the only person who feels upset about this.

...Y'know, looking at the forum background, most of those horses are grey as well. I guess even the promotional characters couldn't stomach shelling out the TP.
Completly agree. The colors should be account wide. Calculate the costs for 5+ alts, that many longterm costomers have. Even account wide would still be too expensive for that price since you can not chose the colors. But even more diappointing is the fact that the rep horses and especially the (meta)-deed horses are not available to the player as a war-steed outfit.

And the worst about all of this is, that I start caring about outfits, I managed to not have to since I actually had endgame content to do (well most of the time) and could enjoy actually playing, not just standing around or being bored doing skimishes. (I know this is off this topic, but I just had to get it out, cause I payed 70$ and I do that to provide money for development of new contet of a MMo-game not a quest + do dailies game and to pay for colors of what you actually get.)