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    Thank you Quartermaster for piping in. I believe the replies you received shortly after sum it up perfectly. If you are setting that price in cement... Please split them up as single paints, and not stacks of 4 colours that not everyone wants. (Olive? I'd completely forgotten that color, the poor horse looked ill on beta.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Eartholloth View Post
    The color packs I would just rather buy each color separately cause I will probably only use just 1 or 2.
    /Agreed, I've got only about 3 colors I want, and none of them are packaged together. 1500+ tp for 3 colors I want, which includes 9 others I don't want. I'll give 'em time to sort it out. But for now, I'm holding off as well Sig. I am now extra glad that my hunteress is not 75 yet, so she won't be disappointed at me not buying her horse paints.
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    This should definitely be account wide.

    I dislike the idea that we have to buy dyes in the first place, as they are a core part of the cosmetic experience, but the idea that we have to buy them at such a high cost on each of our characters is ridiculous.

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    Things that would make lots of people happy without taking too much money away from Turbine:

    • Add color packs (both skin and cosmetic dye packs!) as rare drops in the Warband loot boxes (just like the Spotted War-steed Hide is right now)
    • Keep it at 595TP, but let us pick which four of the colors we are getting (again, goes for both the skin and cosmetic dye packs)
    • Allow Eastemnet level scholars to make War-steed cosmetics dyes. Heck, make them on a cool down or gated by guild, whatever.

    I think my main and biggest point is the middle one. 595 TP is a lot, but if I get to choose which of the four dyes/skin colors I'm getting, I would not mind as much. Just because I want to dye my cosmetics olive does no mean I want those other randomly chosen colors that go with it. I'd much rather pick three other colors that I would actually use.

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    /signed..way too expensive
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    500 tp for a couple colors that aren't even account wide?

    At least make them account wide. Then it wouldn't feel like a kick in the gut so much, y'know?

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    I agree that these colors need to be account-wide. I bought a pack hoping that would be true but not expecting it, so you already got me once, but I'm not buying another at those prices, much less one on every toon. That's also the consensus of everyone in my kin I've talked to about the issue. Either they expected it to be account-wide for that price, or they just aren't going to bother.

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    These shouldn't even cost TP. It's like charging you to change your hair colour... Looks like everyone will have the same generic horse.
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    You may add me to to list of those players who will never buy these at the current prices.

    Beyond ridiculous for a per character purchase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuarterMasterL View Post
    The pricing for the war-steed dyes is based on the fact that they are not consumable items. You are purchasing the ability to permanently unlock the color options for your steeds on a particular character. So you will be able to switch your colors as often as you like on that character.
    I can almost buy this logic, except that we've had the wardrobe system for ~2 years now which gives dyes the ability to be both permanent and account-wide (not to mention available in-game without tp). This is definitely a downgrade.

    I have to be honest, we heard over and over how RoI was the most successful expansion to date and how the money was being reinvested into RoR and it would pay dividends when all was said and done. Yet between the high cost of the new expansion and the nickel and diming.... no, quarter and half-dollaring you guys are doing over War-Steed Cosmetics, I feel like Turbine's absolutely strapped for cash.

    I've been a VIP for years and years, I bought the Legendary Edition, and somehow everywhere I turn there's a little gold Turbine coin asking for more. It's putting a massive damper on what is otherwise a fantastic experience.

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    I totally agree with this post, love the expansion, love cosmetic stuff, and think that the price for this pack is sadly beyond ridiculous. I know the developers of this game are pretty awesome and most likely don't want to charge us ridiculous prices, so hopefully they listen to us and fix it.

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    i really dont think that just making the colours account wide is the solution. I'd much rather buy them separately on each toon, than buy 3 colours i dont want just to get one i do.

    make them available individually, or let us pick which 4 we want from any set.
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    Yup, prices are way too high. I will stick with the basic color steed unless there is a drastic price drop. And making you buy them for each character on your acct must be a joke. That said....

    Loving ROR expansion!!!
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    Going to agree that the cost is too high with so little control. Should be account wide and we should get to choose what 4 colors we get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reximus View Post
    Going to agree that the cost is too high with so little control. Should be account wide and we should get to choose what 4 colors we get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fendrone View Post
    These shouldn't even cost TP. It's like charging you to change your hair colour... Looks like everyone will have the same generic horse.
    This is the real shame. You're going to have all of your players riding around on identical looking horses because very few of us are going to buy those ridiculously priced dye packs.

    There's no way I'm paying 500TP for four dye colors, of which I really only want to get one. Lower the price, make the packs account wide, or allow to us pick individual colors instead of a "pack". Choose any of those options and I will be much more likely to spend Turbine Points on them.
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    First for me defending store prices but consider the ror quest pack is being sold for 1500tp which is the same as moria. This is slightly over a third of how much we were told it would be and less than half of roi quest pack at 3250 on release. We received a massive discount with regard to the cost of the expansion in turbine points. I don't begrudge charging for entirely optional cosmetics. Though people should be able to choose individual colours they want or all the colours at discounted price.

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    I have to chime in with my support of this. One of the first things I did after getting my war steed was open up the appearance tab to play around with it. I simply couldn't believe the prices as set; I almost /bugged it.

    This price point needs to be re-evaluated. To get 2 steed colors and 2 tack colors, you're talking about 2400TP per character? After I already spent $70 for the expansion itself? Listen, I'm more than happy to spend money for the cosmetics, but the current system is absurd. I'll be sitting on a pile of TP that I'd much rather be giving you guys right now.

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    I was quite looking forward to customising my steed, but not with these prices

    · Make each colour 100tp & allow us to buy them individually.
    · Make all purchased colours available for all parts of the steed, apart from hide - i don't want to see any green horses.
    · Make these account wide

    Look at it this way 99% of people level 75+ will be using their steed, just think how many of those want to customise their mount but are put off by these prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zentoki View Post
    Not to mention it's absolutely unfair that we don't get any coat/tail colors to start with even if we paid real money for the expansion. I mean, I'd expect to have to buy some colors (and probably would) , but all of them? We get some starter colors for tack, so why not for coat/tails?

    Also /signed for lowering the dye color pack prices. I would buy some, but not at the price they are now.
    First time in my 3yrs of playing I have felt the need to complain, the total lack of "free" (for those that paid money for expac)choices for war-steeds is BS, but to charge a ridiculous amount for these packs just really rubs me the wrong way.


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    Ok, so I wasted 600 points, but that's it. No more color packs.

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    Being able to dye your warsteed as many times as you like from the colour pack is not a valid reason for charging so much. Value for money is in the eyes of the consumer, not the retailer. In this case I'm sorry Turbine but I have to agree with the other posters here. These prices are way too ambitious.

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    Too much expensive. Option to buy a single color for a reasonable price (let's say 150TP) will be more acceptable.
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    that’s a fact for me: i will only buy the color once on my account, on my main char.

    i will not pay it again on my other chars.

    btw: i hate bound to char stuff bought form store on such basic thinks. (same for LI'slots - i buy them once. not twice.)
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    I was truly looking forward to all the customization features for the warsteeds. When I opened the Lotro store and found the price of the colour-packs I was very upset and disappointed. I still am. The reality is that to deck out only ONE character with all colour options you need over 7000TP, which is more than the price of the enitre Rohan expansion. I don't see how that's reasonable, no matter what arguments you give me.

    I agree with all above posters that to obtain only one colour that I want, I am forced to purchase a package of four preselected colours. Even if I dislike the three other colours in that package, I have no choice but to buy that entire package just to get the ONE colour that I want. So in reality I pay 595TP for only one useable dye colour.

    As soon as the colours are sold individually at 150TP per colour, I will most certainly buy my favorite selection of dyes. If the colour-packs remain as they are now, but become account wide, I will purchase all packs knowing it will be a life-time investment. However, as long as the situation remains as it is, I regret to say that I won't be purchasing beyond the one pack that bought yesterday, and will sadly say goodbye to all the wonderful outfitting expectations I had about Rohan.

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    Yes, what Hymne said. I was going to make my war-pony brown yesterday, but the prices are laughable. Won't be buying.


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