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    How difficult would it be o convert Visual Basic Studio into LUA?

    While I couldn't log on at all today I worked on Visual Basic, and my little ideas blossomed and blossomed until I made this!

    It is a work in progress, and any advice would be welcomed. It compares the stats of one piece of armor with the stats of another piece of armor and then tells you all the stats you gain/lose for switching.

    Is there a stat that is missing? (does anyone really care about OoCPR and OoCMR?!?)

    Or does anyone see something that screams "hey, that formula is wrong! You wouldn't get .78% more block with only 100 more might and 50 more block rating!"

    Also, it owuld be super neat if I could just auto-load the stats of the items in LUA, is that possible? And of course! Can I convert this from Visual Basic into LUA?
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    Short answer: No you can't 'convert' VB to Lua/LotRO (ultimately possible, but with many limitations, and far too complicated to even consider).

    Plugins can't read the stats of items either. Entirely possible however to build a database out of other sources (such as the lorebook) as well as manually.

    You might be interested in this very nice plugin: http://www.lotrointerface.com/downlo...69-Tulkas.html
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