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    Mail - auto complete players names

    Which players names are displayed in the auto complete when composing a new message? Are they:

    1) All the players on the server.
    2) People I've written to.
    3) Friends, kin and people I've written to in the past.
    4) Some other subset of the players.

    I hope it's not 1) because there are only about 20 names per letter of the alphabest (I've not checked Q, X etc)!
    It cannot be 2) because there are a lot of names of players I never write to. I don't think it's 3) because when I rolled a new alt his name popped up in my main toon's auto complete.

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    It's your friends list, your kin's members, and all of your toons on that server (minus the one you're currently on) that will auto-populate. I believe it's only the kin the current alt is in, not all of the kins that all of your toons are in, but I don't know for sure on that aspect.
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    ^What tindragon said.
    • Your alts
    • People on your friends list
    • Members of your kinship
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