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Thread: Goblin Town Map

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    Goblin Town Map

    Not sure if anybody still looks at this thread...but I have created a Goblin Town Map which is a cross between the one the brasse and Imatia_Narene posted here. The nice thing about the brasse's is that it shows the different levels of Goblin Town...and the nice thing about Imatia_Narene's map is that they have used the actual map farmilliar with the player.
    I have combined the two.

    If anybody would like to see this map, please let me know. I do not know how to post it...but I can send a copy to anybody through email.

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    Go to http://imgur.com and just drag your picture into the middle of the page and it will upload. Then use the bbcode image tags around the link to the picture.

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    Great! I'll try that. Thanks!

    I hope this worked?

    Here's the link:

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    There ya go!
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    oh thank goodness for this map and thank you for your troubles

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