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    Social Media Policy

    Turbine...here is a clue from a professional...censoring posts doesn't give you the upper hand, all it does add to the hitler-like mentality that currently takes precedent under the governing merger entity known as Warner Bros Studios...If you ever want a TRUE Social Media Policy that allows for moderators to engage their audience in a open forum environment, feel free to let me know...in the mean time the 3,149 followers I have on Twitter (cause I am a combat wounded Navy SWCC vet who fought for freedom of speech, a former Division 1 College Football player, a current High School Football Coach and a Social Media Marketing and Competitive Intelligence Analyst and business owner) will continue to tweet and be re-tweeted about your already failing Delta-Airlines-esque brand engagement, strength, loyalty and management policies as well as your CERC guidelines...In addition I will no longer be purchasing anymore products (wish I could get a refund for RoR) produced by Turbine or WB Studios, and will be advising my vast Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ following to do the same...Good Day!!
    "Only men who have died in battle have seen the end of war"


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    Middle-earth is not a democracy. If you say something they don't like, they ban you. Alot like most dictatorships.



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