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    Wink The Northern Kingdom Is Recruiting!

    Greetings everyone, I will try to keep this short.

    The Northern Kingdom is now recruiting! (woot)

    * We are a casual rank 10 kinship that does a little bit of everything. We do parties, deeds, quests, crafting, skirmishes, raids and much more! We are always happy to lend a hand to new players, as well as to veteren players who are in need of our assistance. We accept members of all classes, races and levels. We also try to do skrimishes/raids for everyone's general level area, so everyone get's something out of the events.

    * As stated above, we often host skirmishes and raids. We try to have at least 1 a week for the time being, however we can greatly increase that number with your help! We do raids and skirmishes for all level areas, so it isn't just a low level kinship or a high level kinship.

    * For significant events for the kinship, we do host parties. Whether it be for the new member to hit level cap, or for a major raid achievement for the kinship, we host some of the best parties on the server. during parties we do instances, horse races, foot races, drunk races, tag, scavenger hunts, spars, fishing contests and much more! Don't miss out!

    * We are also very big into housing! One thing you can count on is that we have a fully decorated kinship house! We have decorations from many raids, festivals, special events, you name it! We also have a wide storage for all members to use! Our kinship house is at Falathlorn, Maidlanc, 5 Waterbank Road. All are welcome to visit, though other permissions are strictly to the kinship.

    * Now we are not exactly the most "serious" or "strict" kinship like a few others. We like to have fun and get to know our members and their personalities. Along with this, Pikaparody is making a parody of the game, starring our kinship. The parody is 6 episodes long, and can be found on youtube. The parody consists of 5 adventurers fighting their way to Helegrod to slay Thorog and claim his head for the kinship. Along the way, many references and jokes are made to reflect the game and some of it's features. Be sure to join the kinship to know more about this parody!

    * We also do a little...secret event...strictly to the kinship. I guess you could say our boundries stretch further than our home

    * Our site is www.imperialmovement.com

    Overall, we are like any kinship, but with a few added features. We love to raid and help out members, so give us a try! To join, contact (through mail or /tells) Kaelalas, Bothorn, Brunlend, Arandeuil or any other officer you happen to come accross!

    ~Kaelalas, Leader and Founder of The Northern Kingdom

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