The Ringbearers are looking for some fresh raiders and casual members now that Rohan is upon us. At the moment there are no class restrictions(subject to change) and we welcome any 18+ player that fits into our relaxed environment.

We raid 2-3 times a week and run social events, deed nights, 6man nights in between. We have no rules about attendance or pressure to be online outside what suits your needs(most of us are family people so we know...). We use mumble voice communications for all raids and most of us are there nightly for some laughs.

If you are interested please drop by

The Ringbearers is one of the oldest kinships on Evernight having been active since the beta of Shadows of Angmar. Our members are mostly in the UK timezone but we have people from all over the world but all English speaking of course.
We aim to run a relaxed yet successful raiding environment and if we don't have a lot of laughs during we consider it failed.
The Ringbearers are extremely helpful and social both in game and out.