It's not perfect, but it's as close as we'll get until Turbine takes note of the multitude of threads requesting fullscreen windowed mode to behave like almost every other game out there. I've been one of the many asking for this from day 1, but there is no solution which works correctly.

First, what I'm talking about: Fullscreen Windowed Mode just like the game has it right now, except without the big ugly borders. I, like a lot of folks these days, have multiple monitors and run other applications while playing. No, not exploit applications, simple things like email, web browser, teamspeak/vent, etc. A lot of times I want to play, but I need to be able to monitor other things while I am as I need to deal with "work stuff" immediately.

Start up any other popular MMO and that's how their windowed mode (fullscreen) works by default. When you give another application focus, your game window does NOT minimize.

Before anyone posts saying this is available in LOTRO via the config file, I encourage you to actually test your theories first, as I've never gotten it to work correctly without minimizing the game window.

Alright, enough of that, on to the "adequate for me" solution. There are several programs out there which can do this, but the app "WindowedBorderlessGaming" works the best for me and seems the easiest to accomplish what is needed by LOTRO. You can find it on the Steam forums here:

Extract that exe to wherever you want to run it from (it will create a config file in the same directory). Start it up. It will run from your system tray on your start bar, the icon is a little black window. Click that and be sure to toggle "Run at Startup" so you don't need to manually start it. Now, start up LOTRO and put it in Fullscreen Windowed mode (you'll see a title bar and window borders). Go back to the tray icon for WindowedBorderlessGaming and click it again, this time choose "Add Window (F3)". Now click back to LOTRO and press F3. Your window will resize to not having the borders! Yay!

Well, almost yay. Now the problem is internally LOTRO has accounted for the title bar and window borders and does not catch the event which indicates the canvas area has changed size. So, we have to do a little jiggery pokery to make the mouse actually accurate again. Simple to do, but this change makes this solution a little less appealing and some folks flat out won't like it.

I run Windows 7 and my game resolution is 1920x1080, the title bar and borders mean my drawing canvas is actually 1904x1040. So, go back to the WindowedBorderlessGaming icon in your system tray and click it again, this time select Open Game Settings. This will bring up a dialog showing you the specific settings for LOTRO. Change the resolution to 1904 X 1040 and hit Apply. Note there is now some dead space showing your desktop around the borders. But hey, no ugly title bars. I like this look a lot better than the alternative. The only other thing I changed was setting the Pos X to 16 as that pushes the window to the far right (I run on my right-side monitor).

You may have to adjust the resolution yourself to accomodate your own border sizes. This is just an eyeball kind of thing, move your mouse right next to a button and then slowly onto the button. When the mouse pointer tip hits the border of the button, the button should glow.

Good luck, and here's hoping Turbine will actually fix this problem someday.