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Thread: "Dream Team"

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    Cool "Dream Team"

    Hey middle Earth whats up?..List your favorite 6man fellowship that u like to game with/Pvp or Pvmp. Give your friends and kinmates the respect they have earned. Feel free to add creeps or freeps, if u had one team you had to game with for the rest of your time online, who would it be?...this is my dream team, and yeah its kin biest.

    1: Guard-Krugwulf(myself), The james Brown of tanks , always rdy to help kin and non-kin gamers.

    2: Burg-Ovon, This burg is all around badass beast, she can single dps with the best of them and she never misses a FM when the group needs a bit of a boost, Give Ovon a trgt to CC and you will never have to worry about it slipping away. As soon as i can drag her away from in-game raiding and helping fellow kinmates ill be bring her to the Moors to put the fear of Mandos into the faces of all creeps...lol.

    3: Hunter-Edwardus, With Ed in group with me i never have to ask "who's stealing my agro". Ed is geared to the hilt with top knotch Armour and traits. Not only does he have one of the highest phyical mastery ratings i've seen, his phyical mid is amoung the hightest for his class in-game. Edwardus is my newly appointed "2nd" and has done great things for my kin, (Swords and Spirits) in his short time being here. Ed may your arrows always fly true, your the sh*# bro, thx.

    4: Lore Master-Nunfur, Well what can i say about this hard working Wizzard?....if you get the chance to game with this LM, Dont blink a eye or you will miss the smooth mastery that is Nunfur. He heals wounds before asked, he controls trgts, buffs debuffs, and brings a fun spirited aspect to life and the game with him on every run. He still finds time to craft for the kin and anyone who would ask, and he has enough alt's to start a Army.

    5: Hunter-Sashi, The Queen of kb's. This hunter has one of the coolest jewel set-ups i've ever seen. Her game-play is as sharp as her arrows she can fear and control with the best of them. If her sweet, sex voice dont draw you in, her ability to run raids and instances will. Sashi is the true warrior Queen of Middle Earth, "if it bleeds she can kill it". muah hun... muah!

    6: Runekeeper-Hexious, Well well it comes down to this...lol, Hex's fame as a healer is far greater then his fame in glff channel. he can heal and dps on the fly with no issues. This beast master set the standard in rk heals for years..Zues himself would need to ask permission from Hex if he wanted you dead, I.E. me, hexious and any other dps class can 3man a foundry t2 np. Bro ur like mick jagger, a rolling stone,..dont get banned lol

    well thats that plz add UR "dream team" and have fun with it..this is a good place to show your pals how much they rock,..this thread isnt for your trolling habbits so plz keep it clean..see yall out there S&S rules...!!!!

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    My favorite groupings

    1. Macromond (minstrel): He is an,awesome healer and can tank himself when the tank goes down until he comes rushing back, then kill time. He is very good at healing and tanking on a warden too so that when right when he gets on, we ask him to,start up an instance.

    2. Tarpelion (captain): He is an epic back up healer and really great when we need that second tank up here when things get rough Very great person in our groups and a good friend.

    3. Syndiate: (burglar): Syn is an excellent lil burgy and knows his class well. Syn has been a great DPS'r when I go down or something needs to be killed, he is on the spot. He can tank for a couple rounds also and never has let the groups down with his Excellency to hid class.

    4. Gilladin (champ): Gill is the best geared champ I've seen in a while and very great at his job. Gill helps everyone out with what we need to do and gets the job done. Good player in the kin too with his hidden stashes.

    5. Lethathin (LoreMaster): His main is a hunter (neri) and he has 3 great classes he plays well. A captain, LoreMaster, and a hunter. His Loremaster keeps the groups power up and helps the fellowship a whole bunch with his magic tricks he has planned for the group. An excellent addition to the group .

    6. Builas (hunter): I help with the group with fearing off those extras and mezzing some adds we get out there for us. My DPS is incredible but not as great as top hunters out there, but I can knock off that health fast with my trusty bow and get the job done. Love my job
    Main: Builas (Hunter) lvl 105 || Thelluin (Minstrel) lvl 105 ~ Recruiting Officer of The Knights of Dol Amroth (Brandywine)
    ~Even in the darkness of Mordor, I feel the golden woods of Lòrien giving me hope~

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    Only thirteen players on Arkenstone cleared The Tower of Orthanc on tier 2 with all challenges on-level and thus permanently weakened the rising power of Saruman. I would take any of them to be on the "Dream Team".

    Firkraag (Guardian) - Saruman said, "I have a ten clone army." We said, "You have an army? We have a Firk." Most kins double-tank Saruman, but when you have a Firk you can single-tank and bring more deeps. Moar deeps!

    Tycho (Hunter) - Tycho is always on target- I mean ALWAYS. He is also always the target assist which helps, but let's not quibble with details and just focus on the mad deeps. Do you have any idea how many Penetrating Shots you can shoot with -200% Attack Duration? Do you? Do you? Me either, but I assume it is a lot.

    Wootie (Burglar) - Every crew needs a fearless leader. To be effective he needs to know every class and be exceptional in his own. He needs to know how to break down encounters. He needs to know how to defuse tensions and keep things fun. He needs to be really good looking. Wootie satisfies 3 out of 4.

    Houshin (Lore-master) - Have you ever tried keeping full debuffs on 11 mobs, perma-mezzes on 2 mobs, stuns at every opportunity, while dropping constant Staff Strike interrupts, flank-heals, Fear clears, and deeps for 10 straight minutes. Well, Houshin does that for warmups. Lore-master may not be his strongest class, but that doesn't mean he's not the strongest LM on the server.

    Casinari (Minstrel) - Do you really want the pressure of being all that separates a thrilling victory and a complete metaphysical wipe fest? Well, why don't you go and main-heal the tank group through five challenges? Oh yeah, that's right, you can't, because Cas is already doing it. Better luck next time.

    Hardia (Burglar) - Rut roh, someone just cleared Hardia's corruption! Don't worry, he'll just burn it down. Rut roh, someone just broke mezz on the Shadow! Don't worry, Hardia will just keep him Addled. Rut roh, Tycho just pulled aggro on the Acid! Don't worry, Hardia will FM his azz.

    Gilaeron (Champion) - If you are going to off-tank you might as well schwing-schwing at the same time. And when you are done off-tanking and need to drop a massive dump on the main-tank Gil is always there at the ideal time and size.

    Ivaed (Captain) - You want 6-second Rallying Cry? CHECK. You want +Tactical Mits with Motivating Speech? CHECK. Oh, you want +Incoming Damage with Sure Strike? Ivaed's got that too m'fer. Top it off with a 10 minute soliloquy on Captain tactics and you is good to go.

    Kyphur (Rune-keeper) - Ever wonder who Saruman is dropping that big pile of shadow-smoke-of-death on? Well, you shoulda asked Kyphur because he saw it coming before Saruman was a glint in Eru's eye. Hey Saruman, you thinking of cracking the tank? Well escuse me Mr Man, Kyphur just dropped a damage preventing bubble in your g.d. face! Enough said.

    Vertigo (Captain) - If you main-heal you want Vertigo on your team. He's a rare Captain that takes healing seriously, and his healing buffs are 2legit2quit. He flows from Blade to Song to Shield like Erik B and Rakim. He might be half-smashed half the time, but that results in being only a quarter-smashed on average so we overlook it.

    Flearos (Burglar) - Some Burgs are technicians intricately chaining skills to maximize dps. Flea just drops bombs by devastating every other hit. And when he's not dev'ing he's crit'ing which is better if you're a mob, but let's be honest, it still gonna be a long night for you. To make it fair, Flea does this while wearing a &&&&&& cloak.

    Hobwise (Burglar) - Some people retire and babysit grandchildren, or fish, or watch baseball. Only one guy does all of that and rips the heads off of bosses at the same time- that's Hob.

    Adaaon (Minstrel) - Every raid needs a healer, and I try to do that.
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    Adaaon (Minstrel)
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    Hey now, I do my best to keep up-to-date with all the classes...

    That's some good stuff there, dogg. I think, if anything, it shows how a group sticking it out for the long term - through wipe after wipe after wipe - really builds character(s). You get to know a lot about your cohorts while waiting around for the next go. You also start to see the little things that make each and every dedicated person special in their own right. How a person deals with adversity is probably a bigger factor than how many notches they can put in their belt.

    Some people think raiding is about the loot and bragging rights. While that might be a variably-sized piece of the puzzle, the dominant factor in all the successful groups I've ever been in has been the camaraderie and personal interaction. If my pals aren't making me laugh, then something's seriously gone awry. You can't focus too hard on the business end of things because then it starts to feel like work. And don't get me wrong, sometimes it really is work, but when you come out the other side of it and realize the fruits of your labors, it's really great to be able to say you're glad you were able to share it with those involved.

    Attitude is the key. I think any group with a good attitude, respect for each other and an awareness of the game/encounter can accomplish just about anything they want.

    The NOLDOR of Arkenstone

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    While admirable as the thread made be, boiling this down to "naming names" could be just as harsh as if this were a "who are the worst people to group with" type of thread. There are a lot of good people on Ark, and a lot of good players. To sit down and name people specifically is... picking favorites, as it were. Inevitably people are forgotten, and inevitably circles of people (for whatever reason it may be) are altered and feelings change - we're only human, after all.

    So for me: anyone I have ever run with and had a blast, and anyone I will ever run with and continue to have fun (while playing a game I love) are what I would consider to be this topic's "dream team". That is, for me, but I've no doubt there are people who share my sentiments.
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    My Dream Team

    " Give your friends and kinmates the respect they have earned. " is what this thread is all about. Showing your friends how much you think they rock...not just "naming names". So on that note here is my dream team...

    Sashia - Sashi at your service! My groups are known to be a bit outrageous at times but that's what makes them so much fun!I'm always in a run to have fun! weather we wipe 5 million times or do a fast run with no deaths I always try and make it fun!

    Ovon - This woman makes me WORK for those KB's! She is an amazing burg and can kill pretty much anyone or anything. She is an amazing player and amazing friend and we are always crackin up and having fun, and of course drivin those boys crazy <3 she is my number one girl!

    Krugwulf - I love running with this man! Known him for over 4 years and his tanking style always keeps me on my toes! He is the leader of our amazing kinship full of family and friends and is awesome at leading it and making sure everything is running smooth. He is always down for just having some fun and not being so serious in all the runs! He is an amazing guard and man... wouldn't trade him for the world! muuuuuah!

    Hexious - Hex is definitely a well known name on the Arkenstone server. Not only for his crazy healing but for his unforgettable personality! He keeps everyone alive even when he is "half alive". Along with Krug I have known him forever and he is an amazing player and friend even when he is sober He is ALWAYS my number one healer.

    Nunfur - O Nun... he is the wise man of arkenstone i say. He is always soooo much fun to run with and always cracks us up. He is a beast on his LM... well on any toon he has really. But i personally love having him around on his LM. He is always making sure i got power... which we all know i use to much of... and he is always helping with wounds and sub heals. He is a blast to run with!

    KissofOath - Kiss no longer plays the game but he was an amazing player. Typically I would just keep this dream team all within our amazing kin but Kiss most definitely deserves this spot. More for a personal reason. Kiss always helped me out on my lower toons always making me the best of the best armour and jewelry and weapons! I'm sad to see him gone but his toons remain here with us in a loving kin that appreciates his toons.

    There are so many more people I have run with that I think are amazing players! But these 5 all have a very special place in my heart. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxforcardassia View Post
    While admirable as the thread made be, boiling this down to "naming names" could be just as harsh as if this were a "who are the worst people to group with" type of thread.

    Huh, I don't agree at all. I think it's a kind gesture to go out of your way and name people who have earned a special place in your gaming life. I guess a person could try to draw many kinds of tangents or assumption-based conclusions as to why they aren't on someone's "list", but this isn't junior high school. Many people play solely for the fun of it - and that's great - but then they shouldn't really get wrapped-up in whether or not they're on someone's "list" as long as they're having fun. If it matters to them, maybe they could wonder why they aren't on that list and try to do something about it? Just saying...

    People respect different people for different reasons. As a person who often has to "call the shots" with regard to putting together a "best chance" group of 12 when it's on the line, I know all too well what it's like to have to leave people out. Needless to say, it's the hands-down worst part of the job. Sometimes it's an impossible decision that is literally decided by a coin flip. Regardless, in all the times I've had to make those calls, I can't recall a single time it caused anyone's interpersonal relations to go South when I didn't expect it.

    What am I saying? People are people and I guess some will see a thread like this as an opportunity to show thanks while others will seethe about it (and everything in between). Personally, it's my ultimate goal to surround myself with people who see the forest for the trees instead of looking out for their best interest all the time. I have the pleasure of playing with some very good players who are indeed the minority in the kin... on the server..... in the entire game. But more importantly, I have the pleasure of playing with a majority of players who are all good decent people in their own right who don't expect much and are always willing to self-sacrifice for the "greater good" - even if it means they aren't part of the "Dream Team".

    So I feel confident that I, as a kin leader, could name my Dream Team and everyone in my kin who wasn't on that list would know exactly why I picked the people I picked - and be just fine with it. Meaning, it's more of an inward thing than anything else.
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    "Recognizing Friends Is What Its About"

    I have to agree with Wootie and Sash and disagree with the "name and favorites" Back to the very very beginning of the post its hmmm what was it OH YEA!!!!! Naming your dream team and giving credit to your kin mates...I don't see anything on whose worst...truly though this thread is all about being nice so lets not turn this into some negative poperdoodle please. It's really unnecessary. Yes there are a bunch of people on Ark who are fantastic and a lot of my favorite people aren't in the kin that I'm in and on that not I'm giving credit to a few of them.

    1. Krugwulf - From the deepest darkest corners of Middle-Earth this genius waving shield and spear, a Guardian with honed skills is someone who you'd want to watch over your group. I give him a lot of credit because he knows his class and is one brave guy. I look up to him on my Guardian and as a leader he knows what he needs to do to achieve to be the best of the best and an all around fun guy to be around. He's also fun to spar

    2. Sashia - Even when I'm locked in combat with this sexy Hunter and competing for the kills she knows her bow well! Not only is she a fierce individual, but her attitude shows. Always willing to help me in those times of need when I'm alone and greets you with a smile. She's no push over and kitty has claws when she needs em. She is my lovely darling sister <3

    3. Shadoweyez - He is my sensai, a respectable guy and all around killer. He taught me the way of the burglar and is like the perfect shadow. Crossing this guy is a big mistake. Shadow has a uniqueness about him and watching him fight is mind boggling! I am always in awe when I get to hang with Shadow. He's is as wise as they come and a great asset.

    4. Hexious - Wow what can I say. One of the craziest and most accurate healers I've ever ran with. Not many can touch the level of skill hes on. His personality also makes this man who he is! Hes also the perfect drinking buddy to add heh. Hexy is a rambunctious RK and he is one of those people who you just can't forget! Lucky to have him on my team anyday!

    5. Edwardus - From country twang to bows and strings. Like the wind he makes a great team player always there to lend a hand and another awesome hunter. He's got a great sense of what needs to be done and is another great competitor. I am glad to also have this guy on my team. When the leaders not on he know show to take the reins and do his job. Call on Ed hes your man!

    6. Kissofoath - I wish he was here with us still, but Kiss was an amazing Captain. He was different from the rest and had his own style instead of following the stream. One of the sweetest guys I know too. He too was one of the most helpful whether that's crafting or saving me from mobs chasing me around. I wouldn't have gotten very far sometimes without him. Miss this guy and he's welcome back anytime to Lotro.

    My list could go on and on and on...but there's a saying "keep it simple". I've ran into a lot of people that I could name off too. There are people I've only had the chance to meet once. Even if there was a "worst player thread" answer this...if they are in your kin isn't it your job to make that individual better? Or help support them so they can be to the level expectancy?

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    Tank: Skulldragger
    Captain: Kregory
    Loremaster: Arkadaemus/Khaz
    Hunter: The Matheyo
    Champion: Aldebryant
    Minstrel: Jenice/Priestess

    This might be too old school for the players on today....

    [FYMF squad] Killabees

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    Koltan - captain
    phoebus- warden
    Kalbrem - LM
    Davaron - hunter
    deathgranter- guard
    Brunori- RK


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    Quote Originally Posted by bruun View Post
    Koltan - captain
    phoebus- warden
    Kalbrem - LM
    Davaron - hunter
    deathgranter- guard
    Brunori- RK

    Those were the days bro - I hope all is well, my friend.
    Cullin R10, Adyson R10, Praethir R9, Liggins R9, Cilliann R9, Koltan R8, Kolton R8, Zevin R7, Aernon R7

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    My Musical Dream Team :)

    What a wonderful turnout for the Thunder Ride and Music Festival!

    My bandmates and I, plus several horseback riders met at Brandywine Bridge and galloped like thunder into Bree. I want to send a thank you to those who galloped with us towards the Prancing Pony. I sincerely can not remember your names, so please send me a message on this forum. I would like to acknowledge who was there in attendance to help make this event a success!!

    I want to say my sincerest thanks to the following individuals who participated as band members, cheer leaders, supporters, managers, and friends. You guys made this whole thing work and it has become one of Arkenstone's most historical moments. I could not have done this without all of you.

    Bolrack --- my first band member recruit. You rocked! And you rocked that haircut, mate!! Thank you for your commitment and positive attitude! You've got a work ethic that just won't quit! I think I owe you a new outfit! haha! But then again, you stole all of mine! j/k

    Ethwald --- the composer of our band. He also introduced some amazing Finnish music that I absolutely fell in love with! Not only that, but he's super calm and patient and organized!! Thank you, Eth! I owe ya a beer!!

    Amalasan --- my newest band member recruit....and the day before the concert too! haha! Amal, I am truly appreciative of your offer to help us out. We couldn't be complete without you, mate You saved the day, quite honestly.

    Jhacob --- a real life musician and composer...and someone who loves to contribute ideas. I want to say thanks for being positive when things became a little unsure (like whether we'd even be playing this concert!). You are solid as a rock, and unfailingly supportive. You rock, kiddo!

    PrettyMe --- Girlfriend, what can I say that I haven't told you already? You're the best. I appreciate your earnest and loving support. You were front row centre at the concert, and I was proud to have you there. You're like a beacon of sunlight, seriously!!! Love ya, sweetheart!

    ShutupJuice --- ShutUp, you are absolutely awesome. You were our fireworks man, and The Pony Express' first fan. You were there when we created the band, and you were there when we started and ended the concert. Thank you for those firework displays and support. Love ya!

    Tirenor & Geirahod --- you guys are like my After-the-Party party band. I seriously appreciate the genuine kindness and support from you two. You threw me a mini-concert outside Bree, and I was just sooo happy to be the listener, and not the musician. It made my day...and I'll never forget that kind gesture. You guys are too awesome!!! I owe ya a song or two...or three? haha! Why don't I just give you my lute and you guys can play the songs? j/k

    Talwolf --- Manager of the band. Never had a manager before, but wow....cool to have one now. Thanks Tal...for your support, and encouragement. It means a lot. You've got our backs...and I fully trust that. Cheers, my friend!

    Supnicko' --- I remember you were our loudest cheerleader next to ShutUpJuice...at our impromptu concert when we first formed a band. Your enthusiasm is absolutely unforgettable. I remember you jumping around, and announcing the concerts to regional chat. It was amazing. You've got spunk and spirit, little dude. I love that!! Thank you for those memories!!!!

    And a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL of you that attended...those I can't remember the names. Please send me a message on this forum, and I will add you to this list of great people in Arkenstone. You guys represent this server, and I am proud to stand amongst you all.

    Hugs and Kisses from,

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    This is a good one!....I hope to see some updates
    in this post, just a reminder give your team mates a shout out here!!!!

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    well i must in say kin matter , since we are small we 3 man a lot, and thats is mostly because of our mighty champion .
    For 3 mans:
    Dandalfboy (Champion)
    Finarfintook ( mintrel ) yeah im part of my dream team
    Outasync ( hunter)

    In moors i like small groups too and Im bias towards spending my time along Lore masters now, since my old moor mate is out of the game, But there's some others players i like to group up with in my non prime time play times.
    Ascension-Arkenstone :
    Third Marshal Finarfintook Minstrel
    Fire Rk Finarjul r10 & Finwetook r7 burg
    Creeps: Finsnightmare r8 defiler/ Finscreep r5 rvr

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    Drew's Dream Team

    My Dream Team is built to thrive

    Captain - HeyitsDrew
    LoreMaster - heyyouitsdrew
    Runekeeper - Drewbiethunderslash
    Mini - Oreocake( that's me too so if your name is similar and you thought that was you don't flatter yourself
    Hunter - DeadeyeDrew
    Champ - DrewSlicer

    This fellowship overcome any obstacle thrown in its way and should be regarded as the true " Dream Team".
    There can only be one folks.



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