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    is Hobbit movie ready?

    Has The Hobbit movie been released,and is now ready for viewing? I want to watch it.

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    Part one of the Hobbit movie is set for December 14, 2012. Last news I heard about is the movie will be shown in three parts.

    Here is the official movie link for more...

    Today is a good day for Pie.

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    I'll probably sound as a troll, but ever since I learned there would be three, instead of two parts, my expectations suddenly dropped quite low. I don't know, probably I'm in a mood or something, but I can't escape the feeling that this time Hollywood will try to squeeze every last penny out of the story, which is not that long to begin with.

    Yes, I know they are going to cover some of the events just mentioned in the book or described in the LotR prologue, but I no longer feel this trilogy should be called The Hobbit. I can only hope that Peter Jackson's creative liberty with the source will be closer to what was seen in Return of the King, rather than The Two Towers ...
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    I wake up every morning hoping it's December and the Hobbit has released and I can go and watch it

    Having read all Tolkien books I have access to, I just can't miss this adaption of the Hobbit (The 1970s cartoon version was... well, let's just say I didn't like the short goblin like elves and the electronic music)



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