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I think this is not healthy.. We should work on quality of pvp and not on freep/creep domination (full blue/red map)

Kubbi and Kallya stop to log so as to balance the 2 sides after creep's crying but if creeps don't care for the pvp of the server and care only for map domination and zerg in double numbers, maybe they should think to come back..
I dont think this is creeps or freeps fault. Problem is in imbalance between this two sides on many levels.

1. Creeps are "free" to everyone, freeps need to pay vip... Since vip doesnt offer anything else then just plain stablemaster between moors and other regions many will choose creep.

2. Creeps have nothing else to do then quest or kill whatever enters moors. That means when there is no freeps around, creeps will start taking blue stuff just to have something to do.

3. OPs, there is a quest for that so earlier in a day this is the reason why theyre going red most of the time. Other reason is that many new players cant really do much in pvp so they group up and take ops etc. This is something normal fast and boring to us, but this guys are very excited to do that.

4. When you enter moors with, lets say, 4 freeps, you kill some guy at, lets say tr, he cant really do much about it. So what he does is writes on OOC and then everybody that is available will come there just because there are freeps we all have been waiting for for hours maybe.

I would like to point out another thing. Like few weeks ago freeps were winning a lot more, now we see some players returned to moors on creeps side and creeps are getting very powerfull. But what happened few weeks ago, led to constant grouping of players that were playing at that point. That means they will group up for no reason, and then quest, kill freeps, whatever in that group.

I would like to say something about "double numbers of creeps". First of all, we have issues with healers, i pointed that out in posts before. 2nd, we have loads of lowranks. Everything that is under r7 doesnt have full audacity. Maths are simple, all the skills and traits you have to buy take away 20k comms, so before you can start buying audacity you are rank 6. That means people are very squishy, especially with incredible amount of casters that freep side has. Ussually 1/3 or even 1/2 of our raids are below r6. if 3 freeps are dps that guy togheter, we cant outheal that. I tried with my r6 reaver that is still far from full audicity fighting lowrank champ. He just shattered me. Usually you need at least 2 creeps to take some freep down.

Bottom line, last update with crit changes, battle promotions and will with tac mit made it necesary for creeps to go in slightly bigger numbers. So talking about creeps that had few more is not really making a stand.