Hi! I'm looking for a kin on Elendilmir. I was on a low pop server and found it increasingly difficult to find enough people even for raids. I am not transferring characters but starting over.

Age: 27
Characters: Khalila (Cappie). Just started her so she's lvl 6 atm. Also intend to create a hunter, lm, and guardian. possibly more classes later.

Timezone: U.S. eastern (server time) but have odd hours so play mostly afternoons and late night but am able to play during peak hours on Friday or Saturday. I'm pretty busy IRL but still play frequently, just at different hours which total about 6-8 hours daily.

Account: f2p but i have grinded for all quest packs except Lothlorien and RoR.

Playstyle: non-RP, PVE, solo, raiding, crafter, endgame, hardcore when time permits

Games played: Rage, GW, PWI, Mabi, RoM, GAL, others I can't recall atm.

What I Can Offer You: I have been officer on other mmorpgs so i have some experience and can share advice and/or ideas, if requested. I am not a whiner, begger, complainer, or troller. I will always help kinmates out if possible. I will craft goods for kinmates and join in groups. I am social but not a heavy chatter. I do not leave groups unless it's an emergency or bail on raids. I am willing to take constructive advice in order to become a strong playing kinnie.

Kind of Kinship I'm Looking For: I'm looking for a kin that is organized enough to raid once or twice a week. A group of players experienced enough to answer questions if I can't find an answer online. A kin that is willing to help with the lower level instances, i.e., Moria. A kin that is willing to show me the ropes on raids since I never really had a chance to participate in them. Above all, a Mature, active kin that has some general rules to keep out trollers, epeeners, and knows how to keep chat content at a PG-13.