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    Captain Summons and Skirmish Soldiers

    Going over the captain summons again, I keep mentally wandering back to the concept of using the skirmish traits to improve what our heralds can do. So here's the next variation on this idea:

    As we get the new heralds (and the archer) we get additional skirmish soldier tabs, prepopulated with the default skills and training for each of the summons, with the following trait slots:

    Attribute: 4 (one trait slot is hard coded to the summon's "class", so it is not present)
    Skill: 4 - 3 that can be changed, and then one for the banner that cannot be changed. The archer gets a general +DPS passive skill to compensate for the lack of a banner.
    Training: 4 - since this is going to be a necessary part of the herald, captains can purchase ranks who's level is less than their current level from the trainer passive tab
    Personal: 0

    Trait pools to choose from:
    War: Any warrior, bannerguard, or war herald traits
    Hope: Any sage, bannerguard, or hope herald traits
    Victory: Any protector, bannerguard, or victory herald traits
    Archer: Archer traits (captain and skirmish - as if you didn't see this one coming =P

    Armaments would be simplified to +armor that would also provide some minor buffs to the captain (the least amount of morale and physical mastery amongst the banners).

    Master of war would grant the unique race of "Oathbreaker" once you get the legendary, allowing captains to still have access to the ghost herald.

    And finally, how we would summon and use our heralds/archer would not change.

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