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    The Riders of Théoden Present the Great East Road Pub Crawl!

    Before returning to their homelands, the Riders of Théoden plan to spend some time sampling the ales and mead these lands can produce, as well, as taking some time to exercise our steeds. We will ride along the East Road from Thorin's Hall, through the land of the Holbytlan and Bree-town, to the Forsaken Inn, sampling brews as we go. Anyone who wishes to join them is welcome, especially any fellow Eorlingas who are looking to join an éored.

    We will gather in the Thorin's Hall Inn at 10 pm server-time on Friday, October 12, where we will drink until everything goes hazy. In addition, anyone who wishes is welcome to share songs and tales until we leave for the Shire. We will ride (or perhaps fast-travel - depends on the number of attendees) from Thorin's Hall to Michel Delving, where we will repeat the process at the Bird and Baby Inn.

    We will walk along the East Road, stopping at the Ivy Bush in Hobbiton, the Green Dragon in Bywater, the Floating Log in Frogmorton, and the Golden Perch in Stock. After crossing the Brandywine Bridge, we will remount our steeds and ride with all haste for Bree-town, where we will stop at the Prancing Pony before heading into the Lone Lands for the end of our trip at the Forsaken Inn. At each stop, anyone who wishes may share stories, tales, or songs with the rest of the company.

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact Eoleof or Beojeourn in-game for more details. See you on Friday!

    The Éored of the West-Mark ~ Lore-accurate Rohirric Kinship on Landroval

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    The baseball game (GO NATIONALS!) will keep me too busy to make it out tonight, but I let my kinmates know about your pub crawl. I hope your merry band and can make it all the way out to the Forsaken Inn in one piece! I also hope I can make it out for your next event, whenever and whatever that may be.

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    That was a lot of fun, I hope we can do it again!



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