Our kinship is named after the war memorial in Singapore. Our focus is on developing new players and providing shared experience in combat and crafting. Our Kinhouse and 3 deluxe houses all in Stackpole, Bree-Land provide kinmates with access to 9 chests. Deluxe houses support crafting (Weapons and Metal Smiths, Tailor, jeweler, Scholar, Forester/miner. All kinmates provide materials to crafters and the crafters make custom items for kinmates. General crafted items are available in the Kinhouse chests for any kinmate who can use them.

We help new players get a solid start with the game by sharing knowledge, equipment and the experience of combined arms training so they fight effectively with different classes.

Currently our membership is 2/3 European and 1/3 North American. We invite all players of any level who want to be part of a new yet thriving community to join with us.