/fishslap for Turbine Points!

Vraeden wants you to show him your best /fishslap screenshot. The funniest and/or most creative will win.

Email them to Vraeden at vraeden@casualstrolltomordor.c om between now and October 17, 2012. The winner will be selected by a panel of CSTM staffers and announced at the end of the Fellowship Walk events.

Please include:
  • your name (not your real name)
  • server
  • kinship
  • funny caption or story that makes your /fishslap better than everyone else’s

In the event of a tie vote among the judges, the winner will be determined by some combination of the following: Magic 8-Ball, Ouija Board, wins against divisional opponents, or random draw. All determinations by the moderator (that would be Vraeden) are final. The winner will be notified by email. The not-winners won’t be notified at all.

Don’t have the /fishslap emote? It’s only available to earn during the Spring Festival so if you don’t already have it, that is out of the question. So we invite you to be creative with your regular /slap-ping to draw our attention.

Alternatively /fishslap is available in the LOTRO store for 95 Turbine Points. Fairly inexpensive fun you can use all year round – not just for this contest.

The Prize

Vraeden will be picking up a Turbine Point card at the store and will be giving the winner the code.

One (1) Winner will receive 2000 Turbine Points!

Plus Vraeden will make a matching donation to Child’s Play (in real money, not Turbine Points) equal to the amount of the point card purchased ($25).

So get /fishslapping . . . and remember: it’s for the baby hobbits!

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