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    How should I adventure/level my captain through 3man Isengard?

    Should I roll with DPS up and adventure that way?

    With instance finder should I roll Support and adventure HoH?

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    I guess that really depends on whatever the other
    classes in your small FS are. If you get a tank and
    a healer, go DPS, got a healer and a DPS, go Aggro.
    For a Cappy there's no real hardset rules, because at
    that difficulty level, you can do anything.

    Personally I prefer DPS-mode, traited 5r/2b.
    This will give me more Crits on Dev Blow/Pres Attack
    and therefore more on-defeat responses, to buff/heal.
    Same as for Foundry.

    Don't take my word for it though, my cappy is only a:
    HELP!-we-really-need-a-cappy-Char, let's say
    Alt number 102, defo not my main, so I'm no expert.

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    On Tier 1, Captains can do basically any 3-man role. I'd stick with T1 until you have at least a full Draigoch armour set.

    That said, Captain DPS is pretty slow. I much prefer playing tank or healer in 3-mans. AoE aggro can be a little tricky for Captanks, and they require a completely different set of gear than what you're probably wearing to solo. Healing is probably the best role to fill out if you're just starting to run the RoI 3-mans, since your solo gear will do a decent enough job at it, especially when you start to add Draigoch pieces.
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