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    Cool Kinships on Crickhollow

    I use to do this on Menedlor to help fellow kinships, so I am going to start it here. If it works I will update it, if not it will go by the way side.

    Please submit your Kinship here and I will place them in proper order:

    Name: (Kinship name)
    Leader: (Name of leader)
    Officers: (Name of officers)
    Website: (Your web address if you have one, if no website will place name without color)
    Main Focus of Kinship: (PvE, Role Play, Mixed, PvP/Raid)
    (Mixed could be that you think your kinship fits into more then one area)

    Role Play Kinships:
    Daro a Maetho
    Durin's Folk
    Riders of Théoden

    PvE Kinships:
    Swords of Light

    Mixed Kinships:
    Council of Elder Lords
    Outcast Raiders
    Red Guard
    Second Breakfast
    Stragglers and Strangers
    The Company
    The Dark Legion
    Hollow Kings
    Imperishable Flame
    Kights who Say Ni
    Mercenaries of Middle Earth

    PvP/Raid Kinships:
    The Sixth House
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    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    Name: Second Breakfast
    Leader: Buddy
    Officers: Dallofin (successor), Arausian, Bugo, Hazvar, Kanaru, Lattie, Pagge, Rosalie, Sadie, Willowing
    Website: http://secondbreakfast.guildlaunch.co m
    Main Focus: Mixed
    (We do support and foster role-play, but we are not primarily RP in the way of kins like Daro a Maetho or Durin's Folk. We consider ourselves a social kinship first and foremost.)

    Thanks for putting this together!
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    Rosalie from Crickhollow's Second Breakfast
    Community events reporter at lotroplayers.com
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Shirefest is coming soon! June 22nd-24th on Crickhollow
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Visit secondbreakfast.guildlaunch.co m & crickhollowmusic.guildlaunch.c om
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Our weekly events--Fridays 9pm: Bread & Jam at the Prancing Pony
    Saturdays 1pm: Breakfast Club plays at Bree-town's South Gate
    Sundays at 11am and Mondays at 11pm: Elevenses at the Bird & Baby
    Wednesdays at 11am & 10:30pm: Midweek Tunes & Ales around Eriador
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Find out about the kinships of Crickhollow at crickhollowkins.tumblr.com
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks, also it gives a quick ready referance to folks. The main body is for leaders/officer to place info (update and such), the top is like I said a ready ref for links and/or what kinships we have on a list. Thanks for posting.
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    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    Name: Durin's Folk
    Leader: Nuri, Lord and Founder
    Officers: Basalt Wildbeard (founding member), Darnag Goldwater (founding member), Hergof, Rulf, Rurir.
    Website: http://durinsfolk.onlinewebshop.net
    Main Focus of Kinship: Role-play with regular monthly kinship events.

    A very excellent idea Rebarty! Thank you!

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    Name: Kights who Say Ni
    Leader: Dishcloth
    Officers: Too many to name (we have over 1100 members and maybe 40 officers)
    Website: None - we prefer to play not code websites
    Main Focus of Kinship: Mixed
    We have a very mixed group of players... some endgamers with raiding, some mainly soloers, some social players, some PvP/Ettenmoors fanatics. Our motto is: "Help other kin members when you are willing and able to do so". And we like bacon. And bacon cookies. And bacon icecream.

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    Name: Riders of Théoden
    Leader: Eoleof
    Officers: Ardyth, Beojeourn, Brynnhilde
    Website: http://ridersoftheoden.guildlaunch.com/
    Main Focus of Kinship: Role Play, with continuing events once RoR launches.

    Again, an excellent idea!
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    The Éored of the West-Mark ~ Lore-accurate Rohirric Kinship on Landroval

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you folks for posting your kinships. Updated 10/7/12.

    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    response to thread

    name of kin : outcast raiders

    leader : chancy

    officers: shinn, grabber, riddley, tandi, faedel

    web site: Http://outcastraiders.guildlaunch.com

    main focus: mixed

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    Name: Daro a Maetho
    Leader: Lossenelenwen
    Officers: Elyrian, Istoril, Loenn
    Website: daroamaetho.guildlaunch.com
    Main Focus of Kinship: Role Play

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    Thumbs up

    Updated Morning 10/8/12.

    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dishcloth11115 View Post
    Name: Kights who Say Ni.......
    ........And we like bacon. And bacon cookies. And bacon icecream.
    Officer, Swords of Light- Crickhollow
    Breglagor- R6 Champion | Bandros- R7 Burglar
    Field Master, Swords of Darkness- Crickhollow
    Haslug- R7 Warleader | Fathalleb- R7 Weaver

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    Thank you for the responses so far.

    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    Feb 2011

    Hollow Kings

    Kship: Hollow Kings
    Lord: Williepot Doriathian, Hobbit Ballad Master
    Officers: many
    mixed tactics

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    Smile Red Guard

    Name: Red Guard
    Leader: Befindhel
    Officers: Too Many to Name
    Website: Red-guard.guildlaunch.com
    Main Focus of Kinship: Mixed

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    Mar 2008
    Name: Lusitanius
    Leader: Razorock
    Officers: Edheluyn, Exz, Tollimbor, Figas, Chupacabra, Qris
    Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/158178727554590/ (we mostly comunicate via facebook group)
    Main Focus of Kinship: Mixed. Portuguese Only
    Misc: We only recruit Portuguese players. We focus on all aspects of the game, but we're mainly an End-game focused kinship, being either PvE or PvMP. We mainly communicate via Facebook Group or Private Ventrillo Chat server.

    Kinship Portuguesa de Lotro, dedicamo-nos a todas as areas do jogo, mas focamos mais no end-game, seja PvE ou PvP. Chat e Vent sempre em Português.
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    Razor // Lusitanius // Crickhollow ~ Portuguese Kinship //

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    Thumbs up

    Updated, Afternoon of Ror. 10/15/12

    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for doing this

    Name: Stragglers and Strangers
    Leader: Rezah
    Officers: please just /tell any of our kin and they'll point you in the right direction
    Website: http://sas.lotrosites.net
    Main Focus of Kinship: Mixed (primarily for AU/NZ/oceania timezone players)

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    Updated, morning 10/17/12. Happy birthday to my son.

    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    Oh Happy Birthday!


    ED: Still think this directory was a good idea.
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    The Company

    Name: The Company
    Leader: Salhaven
    Officers: Cylferth, Aeshingcrick
    Website: www.the-company.guildlaunch.com
    Main Focus: Mixed (Some role play, but mainly a social kin)

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    Dec 2010
    New Zealand
    EST. 4/12/12
    Kinship: The Dark Legion 700+ Actives under 90 days inactivity. EUR/US/AU/NZ/CNDA
    Leader: Dragnaroth
    Mixed, Raiders/pvp/social
    Website: TDL.guildlaunch.com - All info to be found about us can be read there under home and rules.
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    Kornakhas -Defiler, Korbashburz -Reaver, Kortdogestyle -Warg, Kornquickscopamlg - Black Arrow, Kornslurpyourblood - Weaver -Pyrrhic
    Kortahl-Captain, Korthillion-Rune-Keeper, Korthro-Lore Master, Korthallion-Minstrel, Kormornoroth-Champion - The Dark Legion

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    Updated on 1/17/2014

    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    Mercenaries of Middle Earth

    EST. ~2/12
    Kinship: Mercenaries of Middle Earth
    Leader: Buttonwillow
    Main Officers: Melisma, Ashphant, Fingondel, Tedde, Insangold, Astria (and many others)
    Always been a cool social kin and good for those new to the game.

    Many thanks Rebarty!

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    Dec 2010
    Klipsan Beach, WA


    Kinship: Imperishable Flame
    Leader: Cablutopaz
    Main Officers:Ashalgon, Norad, Glorfindor(don't play enough lately), Leonidos
    Great people and good times!

    "....and Truth is a relative value directly attached to the design of that which perceives it...".

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    Thumbs up

    Updated, Thank to those using this. I hope we can get a Dev to Pin this.

    In Middle Earth from Beta 2


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