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    Skirmish Camp above Galibazan?

    So I was questing in the Misty Mountains in the High Crag area. I noticed on my compass that there was a skirmish camp nearby. I tried to find a path to it but could not find one. Any idea why that skirmish camp is showing up if you can't get to it?

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    Are you sure it's not just pointing towards the skirmish camp that is in Rivendell?

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    Nope. Not I can go around the mountain and the arrow goes around, continuing to point at the top of it.

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    Oops I spelled it wrong. it's Gabilazan.

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    its the skirmish camp of the "Eyes and guard tavern" from the beta, you cannot reach it but there is an arrow pointing to it i guess its there to tease us :P



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