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    Runekeeper - Merl gets this handsdown
    Champion - Thorf / Aerv
    Guardian - Didn't realize they still exist ? but this one goes to Kaha
    Hunter - Tops / Saldrin
    Warden - Teamamerica / Fearghus
    Minstrel - Qris for dps Bloin for all around and Idk really for heals
    Burg - Hayf for QK Beard for Gambler
    Loremaster - Rizoel / Rastorn
    Captain - Idk if I can credit people who run to get ooc instead of doing their actual job but Ill give this to Irridian

    The most recent I have battled and can think of .
    ( R13 LM Savvii Arkenstone )( R13 Defiler Ghankstar Landroval )

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    Shout out to the war tyrant, he somehow remains the only one without a death and the hidden rank 16 title. Stop necroing my threads please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straego View Post
    Shout out to the war tyrant, he somehow remains the only one without a death and the hidden rank 16 title. Stop necroing my threads please.
    Stop stealing my jokes then

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    Best Ever (nostalgia trip) :P

    Decided it's been a while since anyone on crickhollow has posted or made a Best of Thread. Usually people just come on here and post their friends name, or the "Current best" of the server. Instead ill be listing the people who ive had the most challenging and fun fights with over the last 6? years of playing on crick.


    Reaver: Defiantly going to have to give this to 2 reavers in particular, Burzan and Wardien. They have always been the top two reavers I've fought on crick.

    Spider: Honestly the best spiders I've ever fought would have to be Halkin and Gosmith. Halkin would always find a way to get away if it looked like he was going to die (and he did 99% of the time) and Gosmith was just a pure beast.

    Blackarrow: I cant believe im saying this but it hands down has to be Quagmirre. So much bickering between the 2 of us all through 75cap and 85cap its all a blur.

    Warleader: Defiantly goes to Chiron and Chirontheirish! (Murkatop honorable mention) all 3 were very competent in how they played.

    Warg: Lord, where do i even start... Calidog would always kill me back in the day no matter what as would Toxic. But some of the best fights I've ever had would have to go to Sinisterra (the original one), Arkantor, Baneoffirehands, and Ganonwolf.

    Defiler: The 2 most memorable defilers for me would be Kozrog and Guido. I remember being at the 1v1 area at the time and having fights with them at 75 and 85 that were always so unbelievably close.

    As far as freeps are concerned i cant really list freeps that I've fought against because i never played creep that much before end of 85 cap. So I will just list freeps that i have grouped with and am good friends with.


    Burglar: Hayfora, one of the best burgs crickhollow has ever seen. Taught me the basics of burg and really got me to enjoy the class as a whole. Beardzilla and Frankfurd were the masters of escape.

    Captian: 2 people come to mind when i think of some of the best cappies, Hashem and Farriel. Both were excelent at the way they played and both very fun to group with. (iriddian honorable mention)

    Champion: Thorfinn, Aervoth, and Kaptio. Hands down.

    Guardian: I never really paid any attention to guardians at any point since i started playing. But i did find the constant bickering in freep OOC between Medo and Kickstand (sparkplug) to be quite amusing.

    Hunter: As far as original hunters are concerned definatly giving this one to Whizzy (one of the best hunters i have ever seen at a time when hunter wasnt so dull) Kickstand, Oldin and Tops. (Saldrin and Ello honorable mentions)

    Lore Master: Pigeon, Zelda, and Rastorn. Nothing else i can really say. (Tilimir and Spilo were also some really good LMs)

    Mini: Qris,Sere,Harry,Bloin(One of the best ive seen), and saqe. All were very good at healing and dps. Aswell as just being overall nice people.

    Runekeeper: Merlinros, Murdoch, and Algolson (no idea how to spell his name so i tried lmao)

    Warden: Teamamerica, Nupraptor, Sletho, and Wardless. Hands down.
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