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    The "NEW" Best of Thread

    So not sure if the last time we had one of these if it got locked or deleted. Lets try to keep this one civil and not start a new flame war. I think a good way to keep it current would to of had the players semi active in the last 6 months and not just people nobody will remember from 2 yrs ago. Lets avoid naming yourself for the sake of epeen.

    Reaver-Burzan, this guy is a absolute beast out there and will always be.
    WL-Chirontheirish, only active WL I have seen out there in a long time and this guy is rank 8. He knows when its brawler stance or commander stance and who gets the bubble.
    Warg-This is a tough choice but Calidog still shows people that they need to run around with a permanent hunter to track and with a cappy bubble to try and survive.
    Defiler-Hypnotica, Sometimes you just have to know when to heal instead of dps
    Blackarrow-Bobinhood, this guy has come from nowhere and knows that a slow is the best skill
    Spider-Kitwen, she is always out here no matter what showing us a completely different side of pvp.

    For the freeps:
    Hunter-Tops, this guy is setting the new standard for hunters and showing us how much they hurt.
    Champion-WHERE HAVE THEY ALL GONE? Thorfinn is still shing shingy away likes its a good skill.
    LM-Zeldda, Remembering to put SI on yourself AND OTHERS? Doesn't even have to target you to kill you.
    RK-Murdoch, Being primary healer for a raid and also leading? Major props to this guy just stop healing the target im trying to gank.
    Guardian-Medo, showing us that guards can do dps and that we are all forced to attack him when he uses challenge.
    Burglar-Few burgs i'm afraid of getting a knife in the back but Kesabur is a instant burrow. Shows us that even burgs have dps.
    Mini-They also have seemed to disapear but dafney knows which end of the lute is for healing. Realizing you are not a dps class is a big step.
    Warden-Algol, Best skill which a creeps have nothing to counter with. This guy scares me when i'm trying to gank with no brand up.
    Captains-glad there are less of these around just make doing anything impossible but somehow Worranu shows up. This guy shows us the magical cappy 3k hits I never see and don't want to see.

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    Good idea Halkin….well lets see:

    Blackarrow: Zomar, best creep DPS ever, the first creep who hit me more than 1k without crit or dev.
    Defiler: Toxotica, nice movement, heals and rly awesome in 1vs1…this guy rly knows how to play in a group and with strategy.
    Reaver: Lord Burzan....he's not human.
    Stalker: Baneoffirehands, well this is probably the craziest warg in the server. He's not afraid to jump in the middle of a full raid of freeps for a kb..this is a true warg for me.
    Weaver/Spider: Halkin, I can call this guy a "cold dude", very hard to kill and know exactly what his class does in group or solo.
    War Leader: The last op WL I saw was Akban, but he don't log anymore, so nowadays Irish is becoming a good one and he's already very hard to kill.

    Burglar: the burglar's job is silent. Beard still the best for me, always appear on the right time and place.
    Cappy: Worranu, very well geared and can do everything.... tank/support/dps.
    Champion: Thorfinn. Very hard to kill, awesome dps and knows how to lead very well.
    Guardian: Medo. Who thinks guardians don't have dps probably don't know Medo. Very well geared, this guy with a 2h can dps like a champ and still very hard to kill. Also a great leader.
    Hunter: Kick. This dude is our "cold dude". Knows the right time to fight, charge and run away. Also, knows very well the hunters role in moors.
    Mini: I agree with Halkin....They have seemed to disappear, but Dafney is one of the best nowadays. Minis are op cuz they can dps and heal very well...and Dafney can do both like a boss.
    LM: Zeldda, another one who knows her role in moors. Awesome when u are around
    RK: omg I can't chose Fire twice....jk =P Wonderr is a monster, I rly don't wanna be a solo creep when suddenly he appears.
    Warden: Fearghus. Only wardens know how gambits are complicated. DPS and keep alive beeing a medium armour its not easy. This guy know very well our role in groups and try to dps instead of heal, a monster.


    "I'm a monster, I'm a killer....I'm a problem that'll never ever be solved."

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    I don't know if I've been back long enough to have a good perspective, but here are my opinions:

    - Champ - Aervoth... there are some champs you can write off as a nuisance, and others you need to OMG KITE IT NOW.. Aerv is the latter
    - Guardian - Medo... we may spend lots of time watching you sprint away, but we also know that you can lay down some strong dps, and can't be ignored like many guards
    - Burglar - Hayfora... if there's a weak point in your group, a fat kid miles behind, or a greenie going off target, Hayfora will find and kill it. Deadliest burg out there these days imo
    - Hunter - Tops... When I left the game a year ago you were just another hunter. Wow did I get a surprise when you camo ganked me like I haven't been ganked since I was r0. Devastating.
    - Warden - Algol... You can tank 4 creeps with npcs on you and not skip a beat. Sometimes I jump you for fun just to see how far I can get. You kill me easily every time.
    - Cappy - Hoost... it seems that most cappies out there do their jobs pretty well, but Hoost is the one I see supporting the earlier freep groups through the good and bad times, coming back to fight again and again, and imo that makes him a factor these days in the moors
    - Mini - Dafney... When we're trying to burn down a freep that just won't die, there you are causing our problems =P Equally troublesome to try and kill solo, too.
    - RK - Murdoch... all I can say is "ouch"... it's a good thing my spider can track you
    - LM - Zeldda... can't CC you, can't mitigate you very much, and always glad to see you out there
    "Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible." - Frank Zappa
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    well lets see:

    Blackarrow: quag as a ba he know his class very well
    Defiler: Toxotica, i rly dont like dpsing who ever u healin its just noway to kill solo with u healin around
    Reaver: Burzan....nice 1v1.s bud
    Stalker: ganon this wargy know how to play she remind me of toxic-----PNP duo dam these two know how to play 2gether and make it bad for me
    Weaver/Spider: Halkin always fun to 1v1 u bud u become rly deadlly----kittwen u come from no where and always get me
    War Leader: hate to say it not coz the player coz of the store stuff but chirontheirish is a baddass wl

    Burglar: kes and beard these guys know wht a burg can do and when to do it
    Cappy: Worranu just coz he tries ./salute bro
    Champion: Thorfinn badass champ if he is out say bye bye to ur kbs arneoth just coz he keep going after my kbs :P ./salute bro
    Guardian: sry not gonna comment on this
    Hunter:for me its will be always ello but since she dont show up much im gonna go with-----TOPS this dude is crazy
    Mini: dps qris he hit like a truck-----healin sry but i didnt see like thiefdog out there the group he is in is the last to die
    LM: Zeldda dam this girl know whts hurt-----zothi is a good lm too
    RK: healin murdoch try to get him down if he is healin traited----wonderr crazy dps i dont like to jump any1 if these too around
    Warden: Fearghus. he rly know how to switch gambits and god geared----algol nice servive skills

    i look at ppl skills in 1v1's and solo hunting and that wht i came out with
    good hunting all

    ./salute medo
    Medo > r11 < Guardian__^^__Medoo > r9 < Stalker
    ( all i can do is be me, whatever that is . )

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    Sticking to my original - random classes where I think I have a current favorite for some reasons

    Warg - Medo and Ganon for 1v1 skill right now probably. Bane for style, least last when I saw him (haven't been on opposite sides enough lately)
    Reaver -No comment, said my mind in the grats thread vid
    Spidey - Halkin, not many can spam those poisons as well
    Defiler - I guess Toxotica for 1v1s, haven't had others really even try. Raid is about the choices of when to run in for a fear bomb, when to heal, hide, help dps and I don't have enough experience on creep with current players to comment about that.

    Cappy - Worranu. He basically does what I'd probably try to do if I ever bothered to level a cappy to cap
    Hunter - Guess Kick for the way hunters should play to get as much as possible, which sadly may be cowardly, but still making use of the skills and Tops for the way I wished I could play my hunter, but I gave up on gearing it out.
    Guard - Suppose Medo, but it's really hard to compare since he's the only guard with good gear, lol.

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    I always enjoy these threads! Pretty cool seeing so many new names on this list, and even cooler seeing some old names still!

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    thanks for any mentions.. I personally agree with Thor's view of my style, so much better to have style then skill, anyone can have skill! now to mention the people who demonstrate most skill most often.

    Spidders halkin and kitwen are beasts
    reaver, burzan for sure
    BA, quag probably.
    WL, as Chiron is more or less gone, our new Irish Chiron is showing that name will remain close to the same
    Defiler, Toxo, though he does steal too many kbs. heal more nub
    Warg don't know who is the best.. they all seem to do the same thing nowadays. but undying respect for Calidog. taught me ropes way back when though I have adapted them to my own crazier method.

    Burg hayfora and Kesabur
    Champ, thorfinn, and aervoth is great too.
    hunter Tops, and ello gets alot of &&&& sometimes but she knows how to play hunter very well.
    Guard Medo
    Mini, anyone.. ezmoders jk I honestly don't know what minis play anymore. dafney is the only 1 I consistently see.
    Cappy Worranu
    Lm, Zeldda
    Warden Algol and Feargus, neither wants to die.. that's win I guess
    RK I have high expectations from rks.. if you don't 3 shot me I am disappointed, but Murdoch and Wonderr you guys know your class, and are equally willing to heal and dps like rk's should be. your good at what you do. respect from me on that.. think that is all, there are many more excellent players, keep helping this crazy nub stack deaths! I must pass tops. onward to victory
    R8 RK, R8 champ, R7 burg, R8 warden. R13 warg, R10 spider, R9 reaver, R8 Warleader R6 BA

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    In this game of pvp it is never about being the best it is going out and making an impact .

    So I will put the freeps imo who make the biggest impact I shall never put the side I play on to much meh and how am I to judge my sides play style .

    Guardian - Medo takes it to the castle
    Warden - Algol went from a liittle nubcake to a keep tanking filer interupting boss
    Burg - Hayfora I went from farming him 40 times straight to now 50 50s in fights deff makes an impact when he is out regardless of the situation
    Hunter - Tops need I say more ? guy runs into a craid and blows up w/e he can
    Rk - Mhmm dps wise Fire healing Murd n Wonderr take it to the castle
    Minstrel - Dafney
    Lore master - None really out tbh to put one above the other a few come out and they do they're thing
    Champion - Aerv Ellek n thorf cant really say one over the other all 3 do an amazing job
    Captain - Sothi Irridian

    Again I do not really say anyone is better then anyone people do what they gotta do some are better at other things some are better in different situations . Either way always a pleasure with fights and keep it up filer needs r11 ;p
    (R14 LM GHANK Arkenstone )

    Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light - Bruce Lee

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    Gaurd - Morpheus - You showed me what was really real bro, and I'm forever thankful. I'll never forget when you offered me the red pill or blue pill and I took both to look cool in front of my friends.
    LM - The Oracle - You feed me power and knowledge at all the right times and you feed me great cookies too!
    Captain - Neo - You give a new meaning to "The One" I remember when that time when that BA was firing arrow upon arrow at you, and you dodged everyone effortlessly.
    Minstrel - Trinity - I'm always thankful for your healing kisses that bring me back from the dead.
    Hunter - Mouse - Thank you for all the bowls of tasty wheat you've feed me that always maximized my buffs.
    Burg - Cypher - Although I'm unsure where your loyalty lies, you were the first one to teach me "ignorance is bliss"

    Weaver - Agent Smith
    Reaver - Agent Smith
    Stalker - Agent Smith
    Defiler - Agent Smith
    WL - Agent Smith
    BA - Agent Smith
    "Quoting yourself is one of the tackiest things you can do" - Slowbo Laggins, r12 Minstrel

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    Just putting this out from what i saw while i was still on crick. Sorry if i spell your name wrong.

    Blackarrow: quag-knows his stuff
    Defiler: Toxotica's failness <3 hypnotica i miss you guys cj'ing me lol
    Reaver: There we a few good ones...Burzan for sure
    Stalker: Skumzy and baneoffire wargy were always smacking me around
    Weaver/Spider: Halkin makes my dps look like i have a lvl 10 bow on qqqqqq...kittwen is the god of DoTs
    War Leader: Chirontheirish is a sexy wl..knows how to play one well also.

    Burglar: too manyyyy
    Cappy: Worranu for his sexy buffs/heals
    Champion: Thorfinn was awesome sauce!
    Guardian: Dont member any
    Hunter: I didnt see too many hunters out other than tops and whizzy from what i remember both those guys are hardcore deeps.
    Mini: qris-dps, thiefdog-heals
    LM: Zeldda
    RK: murdoch-epic rk heals
    Warden: Didnt really see any

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    Reaver : Burzan the only reaver i used everything i have 1v1 him
    WL : Chirontheirish in thes days you the 1st wl i hop you will be the 1st forever
    Warg : toxictalon coz he back and for me he the best
    Defiler : toxo .... plz stop taking my power
    Blackarrow : Qaug i love sparing you the only 1 i need luck 2 kill him 1v1
    Spider : from the first time i play in moors there is 2 spider halkin and kitwen
    but halkin the only 1 i know i will die if i see him but i Always tried /slap me
    and kitwen give me hard time Always know the time 2 stun me (stop stun me plz i need 2 use last stand)

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hunter : tops he running 2 craid and kill 1 thats i dont see from hunter and the faster freep ranking
    Champion : there is some good champion but xxxxThorfinnxxxx the only champ i love watch him playing in moors
    (i stop lvling my champ coz he will never be thorfinn)
    LM : Zeldda Zeldda Zeldda Zeldda Zeldda Zeldda mmmmmmmm and Zeldda
    RK : Murdoch as a healing rk (i see 4 wargs attacking murd i run 2 help him then i stopped i see they cant kill him )
    firehands as dps rk you the 1st glass cannon
    Guardian : Medoooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Burglar : Kesabur and beard ............. cant choose 1
    Mini : thiefdog healer............... Qris dps i like playing with them
    Warden : Algol if you dont know what warden can do trust me go and ask algol or watch him playing in moors
    Captains : my best capy in moors and out moors will be forever herja herja herja

    ./salute hashem.... (Worranu)
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    Reavers: No question goes to burzan
    Defiler: Tox, you're a dirty, nasty, royal pain in the A**...someday I'm gonna stick those flies where the sun don't shine ;p
    BA: You hate him and you love it.*Giggity* One tough Creep to kill
    WL: We do seem to have a lack of WL like we used to, but for my money i go with Murkatop...although the origional Chiron came out the other day and 1v1 me and i felt like a R0 noob all over again...
    Weaver: Gotta say Halkin overall, but for "Holy &&&& I just broke my sword on that moving rock" Kitwen takes the cake...she stands there and takes my best shots and just laughs at me
    PUPPIES!!!!!: For me there's two ankle biters that I wanna turn into slippers...Bane and Medoo...tough, hit hard, and will stick around and finish a fight win, lose, or draw. No matter the outcome after our fights, I'm always smiling

    If I missed someone, come kill me and remind me ;p

    Champ: Hands down, no question it's Thor...Thanks for all the tips over the last year man, wouldn't be half the champ if not for you.
    RK: Murdoch...Gotta love that crazy dwarf
    Mini: For heals its Dafney... and for melt your face while running thru TA gotta be Qris
    Warden: Algol, wow man...its been said above, but you've come from a overlooked warden to an absolute beast...this one time he tanked 3 one-shots at the same time (I never said he lived)
    Burg: Beard is still to be feared, but Ailera has impressed me alot...I say it in ooc alot, but I LOVE POCKET BURGS!!
    Oh captain my captain: Doesn't matter if you call him Worranu or Hash, best captain out and has save my scrawny butt on more than one occasion
    Wanna-be-Champs...I mean Guards (opps): Medo all the way...and for all you new freeps out there, here's the real trick to the moors...follow Medo around and steal his KB's...its easy, fun, and he really doesn't mind...Always fun running with ya Bud
    Had to save this for last...what most people don't realize is there is actually 3 different subsets of hunters...theres
    Sniper: this is the hunter who entrenches himself where he has the best chance to kill and not be killed...Kick
    Ninja: "HOLY &&&& I'M DEAD...WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!!" Ell
    Joker: Tops (I name it this because I picture him giggling uncontrollably just like the Joker as he runs in to his death no matter the odds)

    There ya go for what its worth...and officially 10X more than I've written in all my other forum posts put together.

    cya out there

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    I usually play away from prime time, so many high ranks i simply never played with or against. From my limited time on the moors, here's my list:


    Burglar: Hayfora and Ailera. Roaming around the moors and giving the last blow. Good players.
    Captain: I only seem to see Hash around, i guess he's the only brave enough to be kited by creeps while swiging that big stick of his. Plus he's an awesome guy and someone i really enjoy chatting.
    Champion: Thor is a big dps machine, but i prefer him on his burg. Plus i have a soft spot for E.Wolf... he's everywhere and he's always putting himself in harms way for the squishies.
    Guardian: Medo for Keen Blade and Ellou for tactical sword and board. The girl has learned the ropes pretty fast.
    Hunter: A few good hunters around Crick. Each one with their own style. Ellou, Whizzy, Tops and Kick all share top spot on my book.
    Lore-Master: I don't see many out there... or at all. I remember enjoying playing with Rastorn and Pigeon. I guess they must show up later.
    Minstrel: Qris for blowing up creeps inside keeps. Edhel for the support and being my pocket mini... even though she never drops warspeech to give me heeels.
    RK: Lof, Firehands and Kam. Good players and good people.
    Warden: Love seeing a warden in focus fire and not going down. Fghus, Algol, Sletho and Exzalted are all amazing.


    BA: Quag for being out there. Annoying to kill because he always seems to have a pocket WL or a couple of Defilers, but still. Zomar for not being afraid to overextend himself.
    Defiler: Toxotica lately. Flies, Bliss, Fears... argh. Props for Dirtyhealer and Mickey, but i haven't seen these around for a few months.
    Reaver: Burzan, Xerxis and Pink. I'm fearful to be around you with my morale below 50%. You guys are destroyers.
    Warg: There's just so many of you that it's really hard to call a name out. I do get annoyed when the Ojo guys are around. They seem to come and take a bite and disapear, making them hard to grab... when you know it, you're already half morale without knowing where to turn. So even though they are annoying, props to Pollito, Pillin and Pulgozo. For solo wargs Freepstalker and Toxic.
    WL:Stout for not being afraid to show his neck and actually comes and melee.
    Weaver:Kitwen for not being afraid to fight. Excelent players, lots of dots and power drains. Also doesn't burrow or pop a brand everytime a freep raid is incoming. Expecting you to blow me up with Toxic Carapace when RoR launches.
    Razor // Lusitanius // Crickhollow ~ Portuguese Kinship //

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    Hunter - Tops. How does that guy always get behind me, I will never know.
    Champ - Thorfinn and Elekktro.
    RK - for heals Lofarr and Kam. For dps Fire.
    Burg - Stout and Hayfora.

    other classes I haven't encountered enough (or the players aren't worth mentioning, but usually the first reason).

    Weaver - Kitwen
    Reaver - Burzan
    WL - IrishChiron
    BA - Quag (but calm down, dude )
    Warg - Calidog, and Pillin & Pulgozo
    Defiler - Toxotica

    Find me on Steam and ESO, same name.

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    Reaver: Burzan
    Stalker: Cali
    Weaver/Spider: Halkin
    Def: Tox

    Burglar: Thor is doing a good job
    Cappy: Worranu
    Champion: Thor again..
    Guardian: Medo
    Hunter: Tops or Ell
    Mini: Dafney
    LM: Rastorn
    RK: Murdoch
    Warden: Fearghus
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    No idea why i didnt put anything in the guard spot lol..medo all the way!

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    Just for fun...

    As much as I love trolling and burning bridges, truth be told I could find something positive to say about every freep out there (and not just "thanks for showing up"). To be succinct, my list isn't a statement of "best" so much as what scares me the most...

    Burg - Hayfora. A very good reason to stay topped off on morale, even if you're just farming hobbits.

    Hunter - Tops. You know he's coming, and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop him from unleashing a salvo of pain.

    Champ - Aervoth. Sometimes kiting just ain't enough.

    RK - Wonderr. Help!

    Loremaster - Hard to pick one, I see them vicariously via morale bars. Multiple morale bars...dropping in unison. And wargs losing stealth prematurely. QQ

    Captain - Breaking the rule, putting up two. Worranu because somehow a cappy can DPS. Iriddian because he uses IHW/LS to save entire groups; -that- is scary.

    Guardian - Medo. Take notes, kids, this guy shows us what Overpower stance should look like.

    Minstrel - Dafney. A minstrel that actually heals? FML!

    Warden - Algol. I don't even want to say what he does, for fear the the other wardens will catch on.
    Everybody has stories. They bore me.

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    Just got back after a long break, and have encountered some ruthless Freeps (Why such bullies? Let me spit and poop my webs in peace! ha!). I can only gauge based on the last few days (literally), but here are some that are particularly a thorn in my side...

    Guardian: Medo. When he finds a target, he sticks with it. I've been on the wrong end of this, but luckily isn't too much to handle in a raid-setting. (Yes, I have R7 audacity and mitigation stacks). Although, his ruthless dedication on-target is something to be admired.
    Minstrel: Dafney. I personally have a hate-relationship with this class. They absolutely disgust me, and I will find a way to harrass them to my dying breath on account of them being inherently OP (High damage output AND high self-healing? &&& on that!). Anyway, this player does her healing job, the best I've seen.
    Burglar: Hayfora. Burgs are somewhat juicy to face as a spider in raid-settings, but I am mentally scarred from Beard's exploits on my 'greenie' version (He's made countless greenies cry, I think) to solo them. So, I don't tend to risk a lot on a burg that gets the jump on me. This one has.
    Champion: Aervoth. I also have a hate-relationship with this class. I find it ridiculous that they can do so much damage, yet are allowed to rely on multiple defensive bubbles. Anyway, for a person, this.. guy.. hurts... Facing him is like facing a blender on high, seriously...
    Captain: Iriddian. I roll a Capt during normal play, and know just how useful the class is in group-settings. So, I know exactly how to counter the class with what skills I have, and the importance to do so. This player I've seen in raids more often, with buffs galore.

    Other freep classes, haven't seen enough of, or have seen too little...

    6 Chestnut Street, Branway, Breeland, Crickhollow

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    First thanks to everyone that put my name out there especially the creeps.


    Weaver - An entire raid yelling get him get him get him f*** he got away again doesn't happen unless your well.... Halkin
    BA - Quag love him hate him either way the reason is he is damned good at his class and can lead the creeps great
    Defiler - Toxotica the only thing harder then trying to get someone he is healing dead is getting him dead
    WL - I think I have to say Chirontheirish on this one he doesn't back down he is willing to take greenies into a fight and get some kills
    Reaver - Burzan hands down. This guy will fight you open field solo not bother trying to kite you into npc's and puts a hurt down on you unlike any other reaver I have had the misfortune of fighting.
    Warg - I honestly can't pick "the best" there are a number of good ones so I guess I will mention the names that would be on that short list and the reasons why Medoo - Great in 1v1 nasty gold tagging and harrasing the cupcake kids, Cali - Hits you hurts you and if you have a chance to get him is gone before you know what is going on, Bane/fire - Has the nuts to run into the middle of a raid solo and actually get a kill occasionally. There are others out there too so many on the server though so I will leave it there.


    Champ - This is a toss up I would have said Thorf all the way but Aervoth is a beast out there too
    RK - As others have said Murdoch is what you need when you need it. When he is in the group things seem easy mode. Wonder is also fantastic I honestly don't know how they do it.
    Mini - Bobbyunderhill and Thiefdog are a toss up when healing Qris when its melt your face and laugh time
    Warden - Algol
    Cappy - Worranu and Irridian I magically live longer when these guys are around somehow lol
    LM - Hmmmmm Zothi and Zeldda are a tie on this one know how to keep SI up and Tar down and know what to do in between (I don't include legacyguido in here as he is playing the other side exclusively these days) (also havent seen pigeon or dishcloth out lately so didn't consider them for the "new")
    Burg - I honestly can't pick a best of this class there are some really good ones out there. I love having them around. I think most would say Beard but he really has some competition out there lately.
    Guard - Is there any question that this is Medo? When you see a craid and then you notice they are all fighting something and run over to see whats going on it's almost always gonna be Medo in the middle of that and still alive and kicking. (though I have to say these days ell and kicks guards are doing that too medo is the original in my mind)
    Hunter - Ell, Tops, and Kicks if you want to know why read Aervoths post as I coulnd't have put it better myself.

    There should be 2 other categories here.

    1. All around player. Someone that plays multiple classes and may or may not be the "best" at one but are really good at all of the ones they do play. Some names for that category are of course Fire, Ell, Kicks, Gwin, Medo, Guido, Thorf, Stout

    2. (probably another thread) Up and Comers people new to the moors but show some real skill out of the gate or have improved rapidly and expect them to get even better. Names in that category are Balia, Hoost, Llern/Qwern.


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    Sep 2010
    Behind you
    Based on 1v1s

    Mini-Everyone with r7 aud. and spamming selfheals continousely



    Burzan aka Trompok(BW) - R14 Reaver
    Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!

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    I agree with most people above for 'the best' in the moors. One thing I noticed is that a lot of the "best' are solo'ers. I've been leading the fraid for the past 4 days, and I'd like to add a few more people who excel in a raid setting.

    Captain: Iriddian and Hoost. (Iriddian is much more experienced and I have nothing but respect for this guy, but Hoost is quickly becoming my new favorite captain. He, too, knows when and how to use IHW, SoD and MH. Awesome healing cappy.)
    Champion: Aervoth (this guy is a beast, and he does amazing job calling targets as well)
    LM: Zothi, zothi, zothi!! (I never get stunned when he's around)
    Warden: Algol and Feaghus (when these two are around, things go down SO fast. Love love love the healing debuff).
    RK: Murdoch and Wonderr (they are both amazing dps and healer. They can really turn the tide).
    Mini: Dafney and Bobbyunderhill (these two mini combo can keep the group up for a very, very long time. Awesome healers)
    Hunter: Tops and Kethean (they are both good target caller, and when they're around, I don't have to constantly ask what's on track, they beat me to it).
    Burg: Tolkin and Vitra (these two are always happy to scout for the group and Cc healers)
    Guard: Kaha (my favorite SW guard. He is always willing and always does a great job of keeping the healers up.)

    These people above are supportive players who work for the group and make the magic happen! In my eyes, they are the best

    CREEPS: (kinda repetitive, but putting my two cents in)

    Weaver: Halkin (when you show up, I go "uh-oh..." So darn hard to kill you and it's unreal how fast those 8 legs can move... and I hate all those 8346381 poison dots you put on me. Please target other player first for a change, please -.-)
    BA: Quag (even after all the QQ you do on freep side, you always go back and pewpew to death. Good for you for never giving up)
    WL: Chirontheirish (even though the name initially offended me, b/c I have a great deal of respect for the original Chiron, you have come to live up to the name. Good for you for staying in fight, sacrificing yourself sometimes to let others run)
    Warg: Voracious (you always stay in the fight for the kill. You got more balls than most wargs out there, girl!)
    Defiler: Toxotica (you may be p2w, but you play your class incomparably well. I don't know how you heal, Cc and steal KB all at the same time. And I hate your flies more than anything in the moors)
    Reaver: Burzan and Xerxis (Burzan, you suicide pulling the entire EC on yourself to kill me, still haunts my dreams...; Xerxis, I have no idea where you get your patience to lead the most impatient crowd. It's so hard to lead, call targets, and play your class well at the same time, and you do an excellent job)
    Farrielle R13 Captain (BW), Archaniel R8 Hunter (CH), Farrial R8 Minstrel (CH)
    Farrball R9 Stalker (CH), Kumosan R8 Weaver (CH), Vapour R6 Reaver (CH)

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    Haven't been here for long so I'll just write those that impress me so far and leave the rest blank

    Champion- Thorfinn. Damn I hate you already (It's a good thing!). Impossible to take down, he's everywhere at the same time and won't stop till he gets that renown.

    Guardian- Medo. This guy is a beast, I haven't seen guards that have high health+hit like a truck and it's a little bit scary!

    Burglar- Kesabur. Excellent movements and fluid rotation. (I'm a burger too!)




    Captain- Shiiiit I forgot name just as I wanted to write it. I'll edit later.


    Hunter- Tops. I wish I had the time to get back on the ground after jumping for 1v1s. Lol. Crazy dps.


    Reaver- Burzan. *Dafluq was dat??? O_o*

    Weaver- Halkin. He kills minstrels 1v1. 'Nuff said.



    Defiler- Toxotica. Three words. Heals. Blight. Flies. All that with talent, he pays good attention at the battle to help keep up everyone alive for longer than they should. Even the gold taggers like myself get some love when no one wants them in the groups!! >:P

    WarLeader- Chiron, Chirontheirish, ogmog (I hope I spell it right!). Don't really know. They all do an amazing job!

    Last edited by Arnahk; Oct 14 2012 at 09:37 AM.
    Ahrean ~ Wabby ~ Licht ~ Riddermark.
    Misternoodle ~ Melondeau ~ Maex ~ Brandywine.
    Evna ~ Avely ~ Yleva ~ Meneldor
    Clownfish ~ Dictator ~ Batadainder (or something like that) ~ Squirter ~ Crickhollow

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    reaver - Burzan
    BA - Quag
    Defiler - Toxo
    Spider - halkin
    warg - Medoo
    WL - chiron


    Champ - Thor
    Burg - Hayfora
    &&&&&&& - Tops
    LM - Gala
    Guard - Medo
    mini - Edhel
    Rk - Murderer
    Cappy - Worranu
    warden - Fearhugs
    Crickhollow - Scratzod r6 Champ - Scratzw r7 Burg - / Healpot r7 Defiler
    Brandywine - Pinha r8 Spider - Litleponey r9 Reaver / Qris-1 r11 miniEzmode

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    In the weight room
    I'll just add respect and memories to the OG Stalker duo from "Pre-RoI" days = Grungen & Cupcakes

    Those two were killing machines before Audacity and LOTRO store benefits, when rank/rating were almost true measurements in PvMP

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    I totally ignore these best of threads - but since RoR is here it's game over for current PvP:

    Reaver - Burzan (hands down no doubt)
    Black Arrow - Quagmire (like doh)
    Weaver - Halkin (or whatever the hell his name is now)
    Stalker - Gannonwolf (a month or two ago my own answer would have shocked me)
    Defiler - Slimelord (alright he's mia - so it goes to Toxo but Slime didn't p2w)
    War Leader - Chiron (alright another mia - so it goes to Warz, i know right, he just got here...)

    Hunter - Kickstand (sorry Tops, creeps love ya cuz you kamakaze crazy & you feed em, Kick plays hunter better than anyone here, Tops is the best 'ima kill that one' mofo we got freepside, that doesn't take a hunter hehehehe)
    Burglar - Kesabur....NO FRIGGIN DOUBT...my god watching him 1v1 is a delight (and so fassssst)
    Guard - Odem, oops I mean Medo (hehehehe)
    Champion - Thorfinn ( yeah yeah....suck it up Thor)
    Captain - I am stumped on this one - I don't group...so...I am gonna stay quiet here and hope I still occasionally get crit buffs when I run past a cappy.
    LM - Pigeon (like doh)
    Minnie - Bloin (mia....I know....but no one will ever be better than Bloin - it's just not possible)
    RK - Murdoch (like doh)

    Best Ranker = Tops (how you smile with more deaths than KB's I will never know)
    Best Team Builder = Toxo/Stout (breakin rules here listing two but those two put creepside together like no one since TDH)
    Best Solo'r = Hayfora (suck it up Thor)
    Best p2w = Toxo (ok he uses p2w skills and pots, but he optimizes their potential like no one else around...by far)
    Best Fatality = Kethean (what he's still alive??????)

    Best Player = The ones that know this is a game....and treat it that way...

    Good Hunting,

    Ellouhollia - R13 - Hunter (BW) | Ellou - R10 - Guardian (BW) | Slye - R10 - Burglar (CH) | Borialys - R8 - Minstrel (BW)
    Freepstalker - R8 - Stalker (CH) | Freepstalker - R7 - Stalker (BW) | Allwrong - R7 - Warleader (BW)


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