So not sure if the last time we had one of these if it got locked or deleted. Lets try to keep this one civil and not start a new flame war. I think a good way to keep it current would to of had the players semi active in the last 6 months and not just people nobody will remember from 2 yrs ago. Lets avoid naming yourself for the sake of epeen.

Reaver-Burzan, this guy is a absolute beast out there and will always be.
WL-Chirontheirish, only active WL I have seen out there in a long time and this guy is rank 8. He knows when its brawler stance or commander stance and who gets the bubble.
Warg-This is a tough choice but Calidog still shows people that they need to run around with a permanent hunter to track and with a cappy bubble to try and survive.
Defiler-Hypnotica, Sometimes you just have to know when to heal instead of dps
Blackarrow-Bobinhood, this guy has come from nowhere and knows that a slow is the best skill
Spider-Kitwen, she is always out here no matter what showing us a completely different side of pvp.

For the freeps:
Hunter-Tops, this guy is setting the new standard for hunters and showing us how much they hurt.
Champion-WHERE HAVE THEY ALL GONE? Thorfinn is still shing shingy away likes its a good skill.
LM-Zeldda, Remembering to put SI on yourself AND OTHERS? Doesn't even have to target you to kill you.
RK-Murdoch, Being primary healer for a raid and also leading? Major props to this guy just stop healing the target im trying to gank.
Guardian-Medo, showing us that guards can do dps and that we are all forced to attack him when he uses challenge.
Burglar-Few burgs i'm afraid of getting a knife in the back but Kesabur is a instant burrow. Shows us that even burgs have dps.
Mini-They also have seemed to disapear but dafney knows which end of the lute is for healing. Realizing you are not a dps class is a big step.
Warden-Algol, Best skill which a creeps have nothing to counter with. This guy scares me when i'm trying to gank with no brand up.
Captains-glad there are less of these around just make doing anything impossible but somehow Worranu shows up. This guy shows us the magical cappy 3k hits I never see and don't want to see.