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    I run moral/mits builds. I like to think that instead of me getting beaten up and trying to kite the "aggroed" freeps on Brawler, if I do have around 18/19k moral, some freeps will just not feel encouraged to target me and try to go for something easier, that way I can switch to Commander and heal without setbacks and that for me equals profit.

    (Depends of course on the group you're facing)

    Groups: Quitters, Banners, Harsh, Power of Fear, Purge, Bubble, Rez
    1v1s: Quitters, Banners, Harsh, Power of Fear, Dot, Shield Mastery, BPE

    Usually 4 moral and 2 mits, or 2 moral and 4 mits. (Usually taticals, physical for specific 1v1s)

    F: Esegar (Arkenstone, formerly Meneldor)
    C: Tocu, Seroxat, Tylerdurdenn (Arkenstone) Alberigo, Flamenguista, Parasect (Crickhollow)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivaneus View Post
    Always nice to see another Warleader thread.
    I must completely disagree with your assessment against Captains as it is just flat out wrong. Utilize Commander's Stance and Banner of Terror and you WILL run them out of power. Once the captain's power pool dries up it's easy enough to clean up. Also, Wardens aren't a problem either, just a stalemate (same for minstrels, unless they fail to properly manage their power). Again this is because I will use Commander's Stance.

    Still, an interesting look at a different way to play the class and I think I'll have to try some of it out for myself.
    Hey buddy, thanks for comments.
    I just quoted and reply to those i have something to say, i agree with all the rest you said.

    Out of power captain : if he spam his skills with banner of terror, he is not smat he should just auto attack for it to go away. If he use a pet + Blade brother, he will never, ever, get out of power.

    Wardens? i don't know how you can deal with them, those fighting me just stack -110% incoming healing on me, so when i attempt to heal ,i damage myself, and they nuke me down with me doing 0 dmg to them (one conviction and full healed)

    Agree on mini, draw in commander stance, and boring...

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    Korig, your guide is good, but the fact of the matter that I have learned over the last few years is that every WL really has a different style of play. They vary a lot on corruptions and preferred traits.

    There is no 'right' trait setup.

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    Great post. + rep for the effort!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calminayon View Post
    Cheers for the guide I may not agree with everything, but most of that is just personal preference.

    One question though, any reason why you'd run away from a cappy? I find cappies to be one of the easiest classes to beat as a creep, arguably -the- easiest class. I'd much rather run away from a champ or rk :P
    lol says the champion

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    Can we refresh this thread a little bit, as after the recent updates almost everything is out of date and wrong?

    I'll give my 2 cents:

    1) What WL's gained:
    1.1 bigger numbers in our Crit deffence corruptions
    1.2 Critical Rating corruptions - better chance to crit on heals and to crit with shouts(aka no inductions for next heal) and so better DPS

    Can't remember more atm, so feel free to correct me and add everything you think it's important here.

    2)What WL's lost:
    2.1 part our passive Critical deffence
    2.2 we no longer can count that the freeps won't crit us using CD corruptions, as CD only lowers the dev/crits magnitude, not reducing the chance for it.

    Same as above - add/correct pls.

    After testing a build with 3 CD + 3 morale(HfP2, HfP1, HfD2), I came to the conclusion, that CD corruptions are useless for us.
    With this build and 13 aud, on a R8 WL I got dev crit from R8 RK with EC for 10280 dmg. Those 3 CD corruptions give +19.5% bigger CD, or if we add to the above hit ~12280 without those 3 CD corruptions ~2K which doesn't matter that much when you get a 10K hit....
    On the other hand every CR corruption gives us +3.6%, +1.4%, +4.5% in Crit hit chance, Dev hit chance and Crit/dev magnitude for tactical attacks(shouts) and +4.1%, +1.4%, +4.5% for melee attacks.
    Slotting 5 CR + the racial, caps your Crit hit chance at 25% and in practice give you at least 1 crit from your 3 shouts, so you can use heal without induction almost always.

    About classes - my experience shows me, that fighting a minstrel or a wdn(shield/det traited for sure, haven't tested enough spear/recklessnes) will just end in defeat, if the freep knows his class at least a little. Also from seeing the changes and talking to LM's, they're also the same God mode class - so don't fight those 1on1, at least until we see some changes in Ettens.
    Never spared a RK after the latest changes, but i saw in number of times how 3-4 DPS creep classes were struggling hard to bring 1 down(heal traited probably) and a RK that deals 10K+ on a WL(DPS traited prob)traited with 3 CD's corruptions, I woudn't bet on a skilled WL fighting 1on1 a skilled RK. As we all know the best stat for RK's(and in fact all other tactical classes, like LM's and Minstrels) is Fate and it did get a huge buff - large increase in ICPR and CR.
    The last example is with sparring a burg - with 5 CR corrs and in brawler stance + aura of prot. Didn't used Shield Bash on purpose, as I wanted to test the fight without giving him a chance to use TnG 2 time - aka 1 min for him with +50% evade and 2 heals.
    I placed both of my banners - Terror and Command Post - OP's were 2:2 AFAIR, no other buffs on me, can't remember about the burg for sure.
    For the whole duration of the fight(~4mins) i didn't let him hit me from the back more than 1 time at most, not counting the times i was stunned(around 5-6 for the fight), but still in the end he was slowly out DPSing my heals(with the stuns) and outhealing my DPS, even though i was in almost full DPS(only the aura was deff), with his MG(no less than 3-4 heals during the fight), as MG has 45s CD(don't know if there is a legacy to reduce this).
    Next time I'll try a different tactic and stance/buffs.
    I didn't have problems fighting burgs in the previous books, but this fight at least was 1 sided, but it's probably my tactic/build/buffs, that failed me.


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