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    Question Premium Wallet Sale?

    When is the premium wallet going to go on sale? Has it ever been on sale?

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    Who knows?
    Never by itself.

    Buy it during a Determine-Your-Discount or other flat % off sale.

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    Yep. I waited it out. As much awesome as I knew it would be at launch, I made myself wait until I was able to get it on special. I believe it was the Choose your own discount deal. 3,000 TP worth of stuff with 30% off.
    I do believe it also went 20% off sale once as well, but I'm glad to have gotten it at 30% off. I don't believe I have seen it on sale since then. (Most of my kinmates would tell you that the price does not matter for its amount of space saving awesomeness.)
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    Ive seen it on sale a few times, which is when I plan to buy it. Look super handy but almost 1000tp is pretty steep



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