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    Draigoch Housing Items

    Has anyone else seen an increased drop rate of these items over the last few weeks? I have run Draigoch literally every week since the raid launched, give or take a week or so that I spent leveling, and have never once seen either of the two items drop. Yet in the last three weeks I've seen each item drop once (curse my unlucky rolls on the buggers). I've also had a couple of friends see the housing items drop in their own raids in the last week or two.

    This makes me wonder if Turbine has stealthily increased the drop rate of the housing items. Can anyone else who runs Draigoch regularly confirm my suspicions, or is this likely just some really good luck on the part of my friends and I.

    Just for the record, if the drop rate hasn't been increased, it may be something worth looking into by the Turbine Devs. I am all for having super rare items like the Nanu turtle, the Draigoch items, Orthanc items, etc. However, once the raid has run its course and there is new content available, there's really no reason not to increase the drop chance. It's really the only reason I continue to run instances like Draigoch and Dol Guldur, as I have no need for the loot. Not saying it needs to drop 100% of the time, but maybe 25-50%?

    I know it's a long shot, but maybe we could get Scary or someone to comment and tell us what he thinks?
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    Been running it weekly or twice a week (on alts) since it came out and haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary minus having too many trash armour coins lol. =( Have like 3 statues myself, thank you Eru for having two kin halls lol, but saw the fireplace like twice sadly, and I really want it.

    Would be nice if they did increase the housing item drom rate on DN, BG, OD, and at sone point on Draigoch and ToO.
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