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    Aspiring lvl 42 guard looking for kin

    Since I started tanking in Final Fantasy XI I have noticed I have a certain knack for tanking. I have tanked in FFXI, WOW and Rift. Now I want to pick up where I left off. I am looking to tank for a kin consisting of players roughly my level. I am a returning player and trying to get my bearings as quickly as possible.

    I have a go get um attitude, and have no problem bowing to a leader. I do not cause drama, and try to diffuse a situation before it can start. My leadership skills are amazing, however, I know when and where to utilize them.

    I'm not above swearing in guild chat, but prefer not to as I feel it lessens my toons intelligence.

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    Have you found a Kin yet? We are a small kin looking to grow, if you are interested check out our GP site:

    We have toons all over the board. I personally have 2 in that level range.
    Hope to hear from you.

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    My house
    You could join mine. Heroes of Estonia. But you must not disrespect the Estonians and their ways. I almost got kicked because I don't know where Estonia is. We are very friendly and don't USUALLY have drama but once in a while it happens because of an american not know about Estonia...



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