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    Oct 2007
    London, UK

    Gratz on R9 Gurthalion

    Well deserved! You make this kin-mom proud Keep up the great work - you have a little ways to go to catch me!
    All Shall Fade

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    Nov 2010
    Castle Wars
    gratz yo, wartab!!!!
    Mirkwoodian - Savior of the Ettenmoors

    Squishy sacrificial tank 2012ish

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    Carerun and Careran-85 Minis Bellswith-85 loremaster Gwilahthea-85 Hunter
    Camswith- 85 Runekeeper Marswith- 85 Champion Cinquefoil-85 Burglar

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    Thanks guys, and thanks for the thread Trin!

    Wartab, Engage!

    Sorry about the cappy buffs, oh well. The tab is what's important anyway.

    Oh yeah, also. This has been my main from the very beginning and it has gone through a lot of different updates, internet connections, computers, and lag.
    Point being, if I started over again the result would look a lot better, so no mocking the kd ratio or anything like that. If anything, thank me for feeding your creeps so very well. Cheers
    [OOC] Faja: 'new expansion isnt even out yet, i've already failed at it'



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