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Thread: Rhapsody

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    How and why this Kinship was established

    Since i started playing this game, about two months ago, i've been looking (along with my girlfriend and a friend of ours) for a small community where everyone knows each other and progress together. Unfortunatelly all previous kinships we were in, were either full of self-centered people (mostly random-spam-invited i guess) or full of kids 'lolling' and 'duding' around... well, nothing bad about it i guess, but we don't find ourselves there. Another thing in most of these kinships was timezone difference between players and since server is in the US, kinship was literally empty most of the time we were playing.

    For those reasons i decided to create kinship that would satisfy our needs and hopefully needs of other people with similar problems... and i know these people exist, because after every of my previous 'LFG' announcements i had whispers like 'let me know if you find one like this, i'd be also interested'.


    To sum up previous point and add few informations:

    * We are interested in mature people only and by mature i mean the way You behave. I know few people my age who act like children (and im 28) and also i know mature teenagers. It's not about 'discriminating' kids in here - it's about finding a common tongue.

    * On this day kinship has just been established, but in the future we are aiming on raiding and end-game content - as soon as we gather enough people we will make some schedules and suggestions about spending time together. In the same time i wouldn't want anybody to feel forced to join raids - my experience from previous games taught me that it's better to raid less and when everyone really want to, then more often but with half of people comming just because they feel obligated to. We are all adults, got families, real things going on, real problems and these things are always priority.

    * To introduce ourselves as a kinship 'management' - we are experienced MMO players with experience in leading smaller or larger guilds aswell (WoW, Runes of Magic, SWTOR as examples). We know how to keep people happy and satisfied and how to create nice place for them to relax after work, meet other interesting people and just have fun.

    * We don't specify character class or level in recrutation requirements, because person on the other side of cable is more important then that. As long as You fell comfy and like it in here and others accept You, then you are welcome.

    * Having VIP account and expansion packs pucharsed is not required, but of course that's advantage for obvious, future raiding reasons.

    * Being from EU is - i guess - key matter here. Of course people from outside EU are welcome aswell, but most of us are playing between 19:00 and 24:00 Central Europe Time, so it would be really hard to play together with people from US for example and - as i said before - we are all about having group of people knowing each other and feeling good together.

    Additional information

    Our website and forums: http://rhapsody-kinship.net

    When kinship will be ready to start raiding, TeamSpeak2 server will be set - for those who will want to take place in raid, voice communication set will be required (or at least connecting without microphone, just to listen).

    If you fell like our small community would be good place to stay for You, please contact me in game on one of my characters:
    - Wraco (main)
    - Scission
    - Vansis

    Thank you!

    P.S. Please excuse any possible grammar mistakes - English isn't my mothertongue, but im trying my best.
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    sounds really good, which server are you on?...oh sorry, stupid me...windfola...just ignore me

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    Your English is very good, better than many English-speakers!

    I have 4 characters on Windfola and am looking for a kinship that is during the daytime US CST. Which would be exactly the times you talking about.

    I am in a kinship now, but there's no camaraderie, no fellowing, and the active players are mostly levels 60-75 which is 30+ levels ahead of my most advanced character. I'd like to be in a group who is looking to do instances and skirmishes and fellowship quests - kind of semi-permanently where you get used to each other and your role in the group like who is MT, DPS, Healer, etc., and can learn and use fellowship maneuvers effectively.

    Tell me, in voice-chat are you going to be speaking English?

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    Yes, voice-chat language will be English. We got 4 people now and having really great fun - we did few skirms today and i dragged guys through Goblin Town since they are around level 50 and im higher.

    We are looking forward to have 6 people in total till the end of the week (two more people said they would want to join and will let me know tommorow), so we can start with Moria instances soon and in the future we're planning at least 12 to do raids, but probably it will end up at 20 or 30.

    I guess if you feel interested you can at least give it a try, send me a tell in game
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    Thank you! I will try to send you a tell tomorrow.

    I started an RK yesterday and have her to level 14. So I have "Ciardal"- lvl 31 Hunter;, Gwynthryth - lvl 16 Champion; Lilyrien - lvl 14 Rune-Keeper; and DolBlathanna - lvl 12 Lore-Master (I've mainly been using her for her tinker crafting, lol.)

    Let me see how fast I can get my RK leveled-I'll try not to get distracted by crafting so much (I get consumed by making better stuff it seems. :/ ) She seems to be the most versatile - great DoT and good healing so far.

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    We are 6 people now, website mentioned in first post is already running.
    Fooking forward to invite few more - 15-20 in total would be nice



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