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    Kinships n'Raiding - The KAOS PUG

    If you're happy with your present kinship and want to raid then feel free to touch base with Caylia, Bluet, or myself (Voalden/Chuckorn). We typically have several kinships present in our raids. We had at least 8 different kinships represented last night, 3 players got their 2nd Saruman kill, and 2 players their 1st kills. Regardless of what you ultimately decide to do in terms of raiding we can help you start down this path.

    We only ask that you prepare/develop your character, bring a can do attitude and hold on tight for a bumpy ride. We define our successes on our terms, not on the terms of others. Currently it is consistently getting new people into raiding on level content and their succeeding with us.

    Anzi is the most recent example of someone that was told she wasn't good enough. After some advice, fine-tuning, and a couple of practice runs in some 6-person instances she successfully main healed her side of a raid in Draigoch (T2), 4 Wings in ToO (T1), and the Saruman fight (T1) - she had no experience in ToO prior to this week. Trayk and Dajiel jumped on the learning curve and got their characters squared away for ToO in 1 week after being gone for several months. These two fine players now have their 2nd kills of Saruman. I'll leave it to others to talk about their successes, should they decide to do so, based on interactions with what has become known as "The KAOS PUG".

    On a side note we're again looking at T2 Lighting Wing at least 1/week.

    That is all.
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    I have had a great time raiding with you in the past 2 weeks Chuck. First I brought my burglar in and got all 4 wings cleared and then a couple nights later got my first Saruman kill. Then this past weekend I was able to bring My Mini in and cleared all 4 wings and even got to heal a successful, although bumpy, Saruman run. This was my first real experience raid healing. You guys are great teachers and even if its tough you always manage to get the group through and clearing the tower wings.
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    As someone who started out in this group (back when they were still running the t1 24-man Draigoch) as a complete n00b to raiding, I must say I have learned a lot from the KAOS pug and had a total blast along the way. The people are friendly, helpful, and most of all everyone is just a lot of fun. Oh and now they trust me to help organize stuff... so they're a bit on the crazy side, too

    Anyway, as Ange has pointed out, all we really ask is that people come with a willingness to learn and to put in just that little bit of work to help make this a successful raiding group. Week after week we give people, some of whom have never even seen the content, an opportunity to raid in a fun, relaxed environment. Just don't forget to pack that fun, can-do attitude!
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    Congrats on the recent successes. It's great that you are getting new people interested in raiding. It's the most challenging, and hence, I think, the most fun part of the game. Arkenstone needs more raiders. Good luck.
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