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    alternative to Silver Voiced Helm

    I'm looking for a helmet that is the same shape as the Silver Voiced Helm available from a cosmetics vendor at a skirmish camp (Helegrod light). I want to find one that doesn't have the non-doable red jewel in the middle (want to put it with a Belegaer blue & gold outfit). I thought I had one in my tailor's recipes but I can't find one anywhere at this point.

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    There's another one in the skirmish camps. My memory is foggy but I think you'll find it from the Classic guy. Same shape, but it's got yellow and blue stripes in the neck area. So it should fit your outfit pretty well.

    If it's not from him then it's probably from the Light armourer. But I definitely remember it's found in skirmish camps. Cheers.

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    The Helegrod armor is sold by the 'classic' vendor (as well as Annuminas, Fornost, or Barad Guldur sets). Note that the 'Epic' version of the armor cannot be dyed.

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