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    Wanted: low light armour boots that take dye well

    Can anybody help me find boots that have my desired look - I want boots that go about 1/3 of the way up the calf (I can live with boots that go 1/2 way up); I want them to look appropriate with light armour, so no heavy knee guards or things like that; My character has slender elf legs, so nothing that's super wide; I want them to take dye well, so that I can get all or most of the boot to be one color; I don't like pointy toes on boots.

    The best thing I've found so far are the Ceremonial Trapper's Leather Boots at Lalia's Market, but they are higher, and a bit wider than my ideal.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome!
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    I think I would recommend the Combat Boots of Eomer, which are level 85 crafted medium armor. They are about the height you want, not too wide, and the whole boot dyes except for some thin stripes up the middle of the front. They do, however, dye extremely dark, and they seem to clip a little at the outside ankle with EVERYTHING. (At least on my human character that I was using to preview them.) Maybe somebody with more outfitting experience will have a better suggestion.

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    The Westemnet Campaign Shoes (regular stuff) don't dye, except the brim at the ankles, which is probably not what you were asking for.

    You may ask someone who has guild access, to make level 90 shoes for you, which dye well, but don't go higher than the ankles, sadly.

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    I rather like the style of regular treated boots (very similar to cappy start ones)...brushed leather boots might be the name at outfitter.

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    Nightshade boots from dunland, best (for cosmetic looks) boots in the game, they are a nice fit they dye well with almost all colours. Only seen them in dunland (as a quest reward) so you may have to wait a while but i think a version of the boot is available in lalia's market.

    I would post a pic but photobucket is so laggy for me its a nightmare to post anything.

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