Sent by King Thranduil of Mirkwood as scouts to gather information on the spreading evil of Sauron, Skalanis and his small band of outriders moved west with all haste. Reports were sent back to King Thranduil. Reports bearing ill tidings regarding the workings of the dark forces. Skalanis was told by the leader of Mirkwood to continue his scouting, but also to help the free peoples combat the ever farther ranging evil. Skalanis began to recruit others, of all races, to supplement his small band of warriors. They call themselves the Darkwood Marauders.

The Darkwood Marauders kin is a relatively small one. We are more like a family. Anyone is welcome, but we will not grow to be a huge kin where everyone is just a number.

What do we do?

First of all, we fight against the rising power of the forces of darkness that are growing throughout the land. We help our members with grinding, raiding, instances, etc. There is no pressure to level, no mandatory play times, etc. Participate only in what you want to.

Second, and most importantly, we are a social organization. Join our merry band and be amongst friends.

We are a mature guild. Fun is encouraged. It may even get a little silly at times. But there are limits. Rudeness, abuse, etc will not be tolerated. We are all adults and ask that only those 18+ apply to join (children of Marauders excepted).

To join find one of us in game.