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    Larchglen, Shire Homesteads, Crickhollow

    Legion of the Silent River RECRUITING

    Hello there,

    I understand that Imladris is a small server. But that does not necessarily mean that it is a terrible one for kinships.

    Now, we here at the Legion of the Silent River have seen many kinships come and go. If you joined one, or more, of these fleeting kinships, then you are probably disenchanted with the whole deal.


    Here at the Legion of the Silent River, we can proudly boast that our kinship has been here for YEARS. Over four, in fact! With a kinhouse in Falathlorn and a membership well over 100, we are the solution for those looking for a fun, rewarding, ACTIVE, and stable kinship. We raid, skirm, and we party. A kinhouse chest full of goodies, a comfortably decorated kinhouse, and a friendly membership always willing to welcome new members, we are the perfect kin for you! We support each other. And we are on as much as possible. A dedicated corps of Officers are looking to help you be all you can be! And we have all levels, including 95, 75, 65, 55, so you will never lack for a raiding/skirming buddy!

    JOIN TODAY!!!!

    Contact Findurian (Leader) or Vertigoe (Successor) to find out how to join! Or respond to this thread! Its that easy!

    See you in game!

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    sounds like a wonderful kinship i would like to join please contact Bamor ingame.

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    I'd like to join your kinship, please send tell to Jangofettin.

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    Bamor OP. Meldops is noob
    Ravdor, Hunter | Bamor, R12 Warden
    www.youtube.com/ravdor || www.twitch.tv/bamorz

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    Aug 2013
    Larchglen, Shire Homesteads, Crickhollow

    Thumbs up Those who have replied


    I am sorry about the delay in this response, but if you are still interested, please let me know a convenient time for me to send you those tells!




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