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    Looking for Kinship

    The wife and I have returned to the game after about a year and a half off, and we are looking for a kinship. We have both played the game since beta, as we started on Meneldor but left due to some drama (if you really must know, I'll explain privately). We did buy the expansion so we do plan on sticking around for awhile. We are both Lifetime VIPs...

    Basically we are looking for a kinship that Raids, PvPs, and does other instances. We are just settling back into the game, but it's getting boring just the 2 of us, and we have kinda hit a wall trying to do instances... We'd also like to avoid any unnecessary drama if possible.

    I have:
    75 Champ - Igiee
    75 Rune-Keeper - Igiez
    65 Champ - Igie
    65 Burglar - Serenety
    52 Hunter - Aridel
    33 Lore-Master - Arrion
    32 Guardian - Ultravilet
    30 Minstrel - Dorimor
    24 Warden - Youcannotdothat
    and a few other alts I have not gotten very far yet (yes I am an altaholic)

    My wife has:
    75 Hunter - Nighthuntress
    65 Minstrel - Keeraa
    65 Captian - Onehero
    and a couple low level alts...

    And I won't even go into what alts we have on Meneldor, as we only transferred our mains to Elendilmir.

    Thanks for looking. You can contact me or her in game or on the forums if interrested. She will probably be on Nighthuntress if she is on, I will either be on Igiee or Aridel.

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    LF Kinship that conducts end game raids at other times then 8pm eastern

    I have a 75 geared warden and i am in need of a raiding kinship. I will xfer to any server that can guarentee me a spot with that kin. Must Raid weekly (end game raid) and the raid times cannot be 8 pm eastern since i am 6 hours ahead of that (2am). Thank your for your time

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    Heya! Welcome back to Elendilmir. If you want to join a "casual raiding kin" (a kin that focuses on having a great time while attempting the hardest content in the game), Archangels might be for you. We raid Fridays and Saturdays from 9:30 P.M. eastern (sorry Akhillies!). You can contact me in-game or via our website http://archangels2.guildlaunch.com/ if you want more information.
    Jokeur, Officer of Into the West



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