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    Official Ranger Outfit Thread

    Hey guys, Reallyfat Trollion here.
    First of, GRATZ on the new forum!

    So anyway, I was thinking that we could have an Official Ranger Outfit thread. Like, maybe this could be pinned, and we could post all our ideas here.
    So, only a few rules:
    Don't plagiarize, be original, name the pieces, don't post stuff that's already been posted, and give the average level required to wear the outfit. If there are armor/class requirements, name those too.
    So without further ado, here's my first piece!
    Ranger of the Night.


    Head: Nothing; Hood from the Cloak.
    Shoulders: Quilted Shoulderpads, dyed Black: available at the Bree Weapons and Armor Shop Light Armorsmith, Turner Thistleleaf.
    Back: Plain Hooded Cloak, dyed Black: available at any Outfitter.
    Chest: Padded Jacket, dyed Black: available at the Bree Light Armorsmith, Boyden Fir.
    Legs: Quilted Leggings, dyed Black:available at the Bree Light Armorsmith, Boyden Fir.
    Gloves: [i]Barrow-scout's Gauntlets, dyed Umber, available at any Skirmish:Classic vendor under Great Barrow armor.
    Boots: [i]Barrow-scout's Boots, dyed Umber, available at any Skirmish:Classic vendor under Great Barrow armor.

    This is an incredibly easy piece to pull off, except perhaps the boots and gloves. And when you reach level 20, they are an absolute BREEZE to get.
    This is pull-offable by any character level 20+ .There are no class requirements, but you need to be able to wear medium armor. This is low-leveled, so not VERY good, but it gives the basic Ranger feel to you. And, might I say, it looks pretty official!

    So that's the first of the Ranger Outfits by me, and hopefully there'll be more to come from you.
    So see you around folks!
    PS: Could someone Pin this so we don't have to hunt through the pages? It is a rather important category after all...
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    Reallyfat Trollion, Antiuca Torkoyondo. Level 84 Guard.
    Anglorion, Hunter.
    Freowen, Captain.



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